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Reviewed 21 February 2009


Well, I think is one fine, crazy ass hardcore site. I'm tempted to join right this minute, so I guess that's the highest praise I can give it. Okay, now that I've gotten that out of my system, it's time for a little objectivity. Damn, I love this site! Ooops, so much for objectivity! So, maybe I should defend my position with some specifics as to why I love BIT. Even though there's not a huge library of videos (20), with the last update being September 2008, what's here will blow your mind and is well worth watching if you're looking for a rather different entertainment experience. You might not be able to handle more than 20 of these things, so maybe 20 is a nice round number.


Without a doubt, the star of the show is brunette porn babe Ashley Blue who portrays the same evil bitch character in each episode: "Dixie". What you have here is a running theme which gives this set of videos a character and feel all their own.   If there's ever an award in the adult industry for "Most nauseatingly horrible, verbally abusive, bitch-o-rama pigtailed little sex witch of the century", Ashley Blue should walk the red carpet and accept it with pride. God, she so reminds me of  horrible girls I knew in high school - the ones I stayed farrrrrrrrr away from who were either a) sadistic weirdo captain of the soccer team and could beat my ass or b) just plain fuckin' mean for no earthly reason! This chick should look into employment as a prison guard if her porn career tapers off. "Dixie" obviously has anger management problems!


So, how are these bitches trained and why is Dixie so damned pissed? In most episodes, although not all, she portrays a hell bent camp counselor for Camp Brown Eye, (yes, there's always plenty of anal in these scenes!), working in tandem with one-two dudes in various scenarios to drill and fuck hell out of a female who has enraged her and/or the guys. Sometimes it's not entirely clear why she's so bitched off, but who cares? She's a nasty sex tormentor, and that's all that counts. She always brings a large collection of big dildos and other devices - clit/pussy pumps, (wow, off the hook!), cock pumps, even a rubber snake which she jams in a chick's vag - to vent her rage upon her crying (although highly aroused) and humiliated female victim. She knows how to use her toy collection to inflict maximum discomfort!


Bitches In Training is part of the Meat Member network, and it fits perfectly with their hardcore themed niche sites. This is one of the odder sites I've seen lately, an interesting combo of mean bitch girl/girl rough sex, creative and rather brutal use of toys and great acting/performance skills by Ashley Blue in her role as Dixie. This girl has a mouth on her, for real! And I don't mean just for sucking or smiling that icy little grin of hers - she spews some funny shit that seems to come from an authentic place within her dark soul! Um, she also spouts a few funny rude racial remarks. For the politically correct among you, I can only suggest plugging your ears with a dildo! The guy performers also get into the acting groove here, too. It's as if the director gave these folks a big gulp of rage juice before shooting the scene, or told them to think of 10 top things that ever pissed them off in their entire life. Whatever, it works!


We've reviewed several sites from the Meat network, so be sure to check those out for more details. The Bitches In Training home page gives you an overall feel for the site, with scene descriptions, graphic and rather explicitly hilarious photos (Dixie with her trusty backpack full of dildos and other devices), video trailers, and running times/number of pics in each movie. As previously indicated, the site does not seem to be doing  updates, even though the Tour page is set up datewise to look as though they are. It would be great if I'm wrong about the updates, because I'd love to see more content added. In any event, the roster of girls who experience Dixie's camp counselor  rage include well-known porn chicks such as Lexi Love, Sophie Dee, Holly Wellin, Euro babe Katja Kassin, Jennifer Dark and more.


So, without further delay, here's what I saw in the scenes I previewed. The setup in the first one featured Katja Kassin as a mom complaining to the male Camp Director of Camp Brown Eye that the counselor (Ashley) has been very rough on the kids at camp, and hit her son with a badminton racket! Ashley walks in, beer bottle in hand, knee socks, and dildo backback, ready to take immediate corrective action on the body of this ungrateful mom. She face fucks her with a dong, whacking her with the bandminton racket and sticking the racket handle in her mouth. "She's a whore! She doesn't even know where her kids are, she just wants us to take care of 'em!" "How many kids do you have by different dads, anyway?" "Do you even know who their dads are?" "Shove your kids off on us all summer, can't you even watch your own kids?" "No, she can't, she's probably on welfare, too!" "Fucking welfare complaining slut mom!" It's a non-stop barrage of verbal abuse which I have to admit, most porn girls often aren't very skilled in putting across. They usually utter a few remarks and then quit, but our abuse queen Ashley keeps that mouth of hers running which really makes the scene pop. The whore mom sucks his dick and gets deep-throated. "Suck it like it's government money!" yells Ashley. "We're in charge of your dirty little snot-nosed children!" They whack her ass and tits with dildo and racket and then she it's time for her to ride his dick. It's actually pretty funny to watch Ashley stomping around in her camp counselor t-shirt, knee socks and control freak pig tails. She sorta reminds me of a psycho version of Lucy from the Charlie Brown comic strip. Funny in an uber creepy kinda way!


Ashley then suggests getting the complaining mom's pussy tighter by clamping a pussy suction pump device on her. Awesomely hot, I don't see that particular toy used much in scenes, so it's a MUST SEE. "Your stupid fucking pussy lips are breaking my toy! I'm gonna take this outta your tuition! You owe me!" Had to laugh at that one! After her meaty pussy is nicely pumped up, the anal action starts. At one point when he pulls out, Ashley smells his dick and says, "it smells like black man." (I told you there was racial stuff here!) On top of all this action, she also gets fucked with a rubber snake while the anal is going on. Ashley says, "maybe the snake will get her pregnant." Hmmm, maybe! Suffice it to say, there's lots more goodies in this scene which I don't want to give away. You'll have to get a membership to see the collection :-) Running time: 35 min, with 228 hi-res pictures and 400+ vidcaps of the movie, available for viewing in slideshow format. No zip file download option. The hi-res gallery contained some great glam poses of the lovely Katja Kassin - what a beautiful face and fabulous ass!


The second preview featured a blond babe named Lorallie. In this setup, Dixie is a troublemaker in a different setting: Hope House, a place of refuge for abused women. She gets thrown out by Lorallie for revealing the location and stomps out, dildo-laden backpack and revenge on her mind. Lorallie's violent hubby is now out prison where he's spent 8 years getting buttfucked. With Dixie's help, he tracks her to Hope House and the two of them teach her a lesson. She fucks Lorallie's throat with a big dildo (one of her favorite activities). Harry the ex-con hubby slaps her around and loudly screams that he can't get a hardon because of all the cocks he's taken up the ass in prison. Dixie pumps his impotent dick with a cock pump to fix that little problem (this gal really loves toys!). She then sticks an inflatable dildo up Lorallie's ass to prepare her for a real assfuck from her ex-con hubby (some very hot views here!). Again, the overall intensity is first-rate and above average as far as the creative freaky scenario, the use of unusual toys/devices, and of course, Dixie (Ashley) and her abusive nastiness. All three performers really bring it, and the camera work is clear and graphic. This movie didn't have a hi-res photos gallery, but it did contain 400+ vidcaps, available in slideshow format. Movies can be downloaded in small/large WMV, small/large MPEG and streaming. You can download the full movie by clicking on the "play" link, which takes you to the streaming area but there is a link there that allows you to download the entire video - a bit confusing to find but it is there. Most of the movies are approx 30 -40 min long.


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Customer Support is provided via live chat, email, and phone.


This type of rough stuff may not be everybody's bag, but if it's yours, I guarantee you'll really be turned on. The Meat network made a good move by including it in their line-up. Again, the main downside to the site is no recent updates, so there may not be further scenes added to the archive here. But with membership at Meat, you get 50+ other sites to keep you entertained, so the lack of updates is not a big deal when there's so much interesting smut to choose from within their network, which does have a huge amount of XXX hardcore niche material. Dixie/Ashley may not be your ideal  dream girl - unless you just happen to get off on a tough ,bitchy gal with a backpack full 'o dildos who's an expert at humiliating, verbally abusing, throat fucking and tormenting other chicks. And why does she do this? We may never know, but it's damned interesting watching her TRAIN THOSE BITCHES!


How about this for a good deal. A 1 day (limited) trial, its just $1!


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