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Reviewed 11 April 2010


So, are you wearing your biohazard suit? You better be if you wanna enter the totally off the chain world of This site has been online for several years and just keeps on truckin' cuz there's lots of guys who love watching females being humiliated, choked, double penetrated, totally railed, gagged, anally plundered and having their pretty faces shoved in the toilet (or "loo" as my UK pornmeister here at XXX Pwnage calls it in his neck of the woods lol). You'll see some of the most well known babes in porn stepping up for super rough action, whether it's a deepthroat mascara runnin' blowjob, an ass reaming, or XXXtreme fetish nastiness like peeing or licking a toilet bowl. These are some major fuck sluts - amateurs can't handle it like these freaks, so if this sounds like a good time to you, cum on in and look around...


The site is part of the network, so you get a bunch of goodies when you sign up, including 20+ bonus sites, personals, and links to other "cool shit". The term "biohazard" needs to be clarified a bit. I was a tad disappointed that this isn't an exclusively  toilet-oriented site (I know, I know, I'm a dirty dirty person!). They divide the site into "Toilet Whore Videos" and "Toilet Whore Pictures". Yes, there are some scenes where it's all about the wet nasty flushing action, but generally speaking, this is essentially a rough sex site par excellence with bodily fluid flying - spitting, cum oozing from gaping assholes, cum eating, ass-to-mouth, and full on, non-stop hardcore fucking - chicks gettin double stuffed in their ass and some of the deepest and roughest throatfucking on the scene today. They ARE toilet whores in the sense that they're nastyass and open all holes to everything thrown at 'em , but the site isn't exclusively in the potty niche.


Having said that, there's a buttload of 200+ videos, so if there's toilet action here that I overlooked, my apologies. They don't have a search engine or a model index so there's no way to narrow your hunt for specific content. Hopefully I haven't burst your potty bubble?! lol... believe me, there's plenty to keep the most depraved among you happy here, with or without seeing chicks with plungers up their butts or licking the toilet clean.


BiohazardBitches updates on a weekly basis. To see all the network updates and other network links, click on "What's New" in the top navigation area for a quick, easy way to keep up with all the latest porn coming through the pipeline at VIP. The Member's area ( they call it the "Biohazard Zone" lol), is very simple and straightforward - in addition to the vid/pic links, other links include  Bonus Sites (included with your membership), and the others lead to outside the network areas such as Find A Bitch, Live Chat, Cool Shit, Sick Fucks and DVD's (the DVD area is empty while they work on releasing the uncut, uncensored versions of many of their graphic vids).


Okay, so you're eager to get in here and watch some vids, so click on "Toilet Whore Videos" and right away you'll see the first page of nine thumbnails, including many well-known pornstars like Tory Lane, Carmella Bing, Kinzi, and Tyla Wynn. Man, I saw just about every big name in the biz at this site - they all wanted to get in here and show off their XXX skills. Like, is this a "Who is the World's Greatest Toilet Whore" contest? I think so! Mixed in are a few newbies, but they all know how to rock a cock (or two or three!) in front of a camera while you get off on  the freaky action. You get girl/guy, two guys and a girl, and girl/girl/guy, so the "biohazard" definitely gets spread around to all participants.


I wanted to preview at least ONE actual toilet bowl scenario so my eager eye landed on  porn babe Glauren Star holding up a little biohazard sign (ya know, the kind they have at doctor's offices and hospitals? lol). Click on a thumbnail and you'll be taken to the scene description. I have to admit, they do write some batshit funny descriptions, and as a member of the gentler sex (did I just say that? lol), I always take in stride the politically incorrect, "anti-woman" remarks at sites like this, but hey, it's all in good fun so don't get yer panties in a wad! The scene was pretty good... this cute little brunette toilet whore gets her pretty face flushed about six times while majorly deepthroating cock in between the dunking. Wet hair, mascara dripping, good times! At the end, the dude pees (I think) and she takes some of it into her mouth. Then she pees while standing in the bathtub. My only slight objection is that she seemed to be having a bit too much fun, (smiling), so I wouldn't rate this scene in the brutal category, but it will give you quite a tingle nonetheless. I guess Glauren really enjoys having her face flushed, so you can't blame her for smiling a little, eh? And she is a major champ when it comes to sucking dick, so you'll definitely dig the combination of the toilet, the dick sucking/gagging and the pissing if you're into it. No running times are posted, but most are 20-30 minutes of action, which gives you good value.


This vid was available in four WMV formats: HD, Hi, Med and Lo. Videos aren't available in separate clips, or in streaming, only full download, so depending on your connection, choose what works best for you. I viewed in Lo and found the quality quite good, but if you can download the larger HD file, go for that.


The next scene I previewed featured pornbabes Missy Monroe and Julie Night. Aw, gee, no toilet action in this one but I doubt you'll miss it. These two get nasty and anal, putting in buttplugs, tasting the wet plugs, spitting, and being pervy. They both look unreal hot in fetish wear, and one puts on a hood. Stud Lee fucks her mouth through the hood and rails the chicks in the ass big time. Rough sex at its best with orgasmic squirting as an added bonus. This vid is available in WMV Hi, Med and Lo (no HD), so there's some variation in the viewing formats, but again the quality was very good in Lo, professionally shot, great looking from all angles. These two spitting, slapping  biohazardous wildcats will keep you strokin as Lee fucks their butts hard.


I checked out a few other scenes, including Trina Michaels getting skull fucked and anally pounded. At the end she eats the cum out of her own ass... is that biohazardous enough for ya? I thought so!


Click on "Toilet Whore Pictures" to view the photo galleries for each video. There's no alphabetical search engine to find which gallery goes with each video, so you'll have to scroll through a bit to find what's what. They do have the same titles (the model's name). For the Glauren vid, her gallery contained around 80 huge, full screen, hi res pics in zip file. They don't track the vid frame by frame by you get some awesome close-ups for your personal files. The Missy Monroe/Julie Night gallery contained hundreds of pics which fully track the vid in zip file - somewhat better quality than the usual screencaps and quite good for saving. The Trina Michaels shoot was also a screencap gallery in zip file. As is common with most sites of this size, earlier galleries are not in zip file and quality may be somewhat variable. Overall, however, you get a HUGE amount of content here, thousands of photos of super hard stuff and hours of video.


Go to "Customer Support" for their excellent help/tech files and member information.


Even though the "toilet whore" phrase is a bit misleading, you won't be disappointed in the least if you want to see big names in porn doing very dirty things - their competitive natures rising to the occasion to out-spit, out- choke, and out-gag each other! As far as the site goes, they definitely need to add a search engine. When there's 200+ videos and thousands of pics with weekly updates, it's time to help viewers find their fave pornstar, scene, or fetish. And yeah, a BIT more toilets for those toilet whores to splash around in, pretty pleeeeeeease? That would make BioHazardBitches just about perfect in my eyes :) But really, all kidding aside, this is a great site with weekly exclusive updating and some pretty wild stuff to keep you MORE than occupied!


The VIP network offers a big array of extras, bonuses, and cams, so it looks to be an entertaining area to park at least a few of your $$$.


Membership: One Month: $24.95; Three Months: $49.95; Six Months: $89.95. Join by credit card, phone (US only), or anonymously with Netcash.


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