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Reviewed 10 January 2009


DO big butts like it big? If this site from is any indication, the answer is: YES! In keeping with the big ass/big tits theme of this 22-site mega network, Brazzers has added a very solid entry in their hardcore line-up with (BBLIB). Perhaps a site description from the creators sums it up best: "There’s only one word that comes to mind when watching a big, round beautiful ass getting stretched open and stuffed with a huge monster cock, PERFECTION!"


From what I previewed, there indeed is a huge display of ass perfection and monster cock here. Brazzers only features the hottest girls in the business with the most audaciously fantastic butts spread wide and ready to take it hard. Babes such as Felony, Jenny Hendrix, Claire Dames, and many more get pounded. Pair 'em up with some of the biggest bad boy porn dudes in a variety of inventive set-ups and the result is great chemistry and often quite amusingly quirky entertainment.  With 42 movies currently in their library, online since June 08 with regular weekly updates, there's a steady stream of slutty asswhores cuming your way at BBLIB.


We've reviewed several other sites in the network, so be sure to check those for comprehensive discussion of all the goodies available to Brazzer's members. And there is a lot. While a first-time visitor to the network may find the layout and navigation a bit "busy" with so many options, it's not really difficult to sort things out and easily travel from Point A to Point B. When you first login, you're taken to the main network update area, where you can see all the latest scenes. From there, pick the site you want to visit. Excellent search options, scene descriptions, member ratings (which I found to be valuable because many Brazzers members are seasoned porn fans and viewers), pornstar bios/interviews, search functions (girls only, guys and girls, guys only), special discounts at other networks such as Reality Kings and Digital Playground, an extremely active member forum, multiple options for downloading/viewing the movies, trailers of all scenes, plus bonus sites, webcams, DVD's, and a very cool option to find  scenes that are produced using member suggestions (you can check to see "member suggestion" listed in the Categories area), WHEW! There's not much to dislike about Brazzers.


For me, the strength of this company is their commitment to making movies with a bit of plot and set-up. Okay, we're not talking "Gone With The Wind" here, and us smuthounds don't want too much of that anyway (unless we're in the mood for it.) But there's nothing wrong with enjoying all those great Porn Valley sets, wardrobe, camera work, and funky funny dialogue between the stars before they get into the sex action. If that's not your bag, there's plenty of sites that cut to the chase and start banging away in random alleys and bedrooms, but Brazzers has a certain feel and style all its own - one that I happen to like and so do other people. I've also heard a few comments that Brazzers is somewhat "couples friendly" - not so hardcore that chicks run screaming and threaten divorce if you suggest watching together, but hot/ rough enough to get the juices flowing.  As a female reviewer of a number of their sites, I have found their material to be a skillful mix of hot and funny, horny and entertaining. I like seeing some of my favorite pornstars saying a few lines of dialogue before they drop their pants! And some of it is really funny, so let's check out how much those big butts can take, shall we?


A preview of the movie, "Tippin The Bellboy" starring Kelly Devine and Jordan Ashe was pretty damned good. Kelly is a snobby bitch living in a high-class apartment building complete with a hardworking doorman who tries his level best even though he doesn't get any appreciation from this slutty vixen with her sizzlin ass and cell phone permanently glued to her ear. The unlucky bastard is mope Jordan Ashe, dressed in bellboy uniform. A cool jazz riff playing in the background sets the tone. She loses her velvet glove in the lobby and he picks it up for her, expecting a tip for job well done, but nahhhhhh, she slams the door in his face. Wrong move! This broad needs an attitude adjustment and his thick cock gives it to her all the way. Kelly Devine is off the hook with her fantastic ass and pleasure /pain facial expressions. Jordan Ashe starts her punishment with a hard deepthroating, then hammers her with anal in doggy and on her side. The scene also features ass to mouth, spanking, fingering, some slapping/mild choking and a great facial cumshot at the end. After that reaming, this unappreciative skank will tip him from now on! Brazzers members rated it 9.09 and left a lot of positive comments. Kelly Devine got into her role and is one dirty talkin hoe, always a good thing in my book! Jordan Ashe may not be the handsomest dude in porn, but he brought some twisted heat to his performance and made the bellboy bit work for him quite well. I found it strangely hot (okay, so I'm weird!).


The second scene I previewed was titled, "The Customer's Always Right" with Jenny Hendrix and Voodoo. I wanted to check this one out for two reasons: I had seen a few pics of Jenny Hendrix at another Brazzer site, "Big Butt Tight Teen" and thought she was one of the sexiest porn girls to cum along. At the teen site she has long blonde hair. Here at BBLIB, her look is completely different (short brunette with glasses, Eva Angelina style), so I was utterly blown away by her versatility. And what a bubble butt! The other reason: this is a "member suggestion scene", as previously noted, a very cool element of Brazzers where members suggest possible scenes at the forum, and sometimes get to see them played out. The set-up here: Jenny runs the "Hendrix Mail Order Bride" company and Voodoo is her pissed off client. His mail order bride has disappeared, along with his car and all his cash. FUCK! FUCK! Which Voodoo says quite a lot, but hey wouldn't you if your mail order bride split with all your shit?! So, he fuckin wants a fuckin refund. Damn it! Oh? No Refunds? Well, Voodoo's gonna get what Voodoo wants and that means fucking hell out of Jenny's tight, round ass.


Seasoned porn viewers can usually tell when the guy is groovin on the babe and Mr. Voodoo is diggin her ass as his big wet cock slides in and out, oh so tight and hard. Professional camerawork makes it worth the ride, too. Jenny Hendrix, like Kelly Devine, is a dirty talkin slut whore who knows how to milk the last ounce of jizz out of a scene. This girl is a natural asswhore and it shows in every move she makes. Nasty, takes it hard and a great overall look. Fantastic cumshot/facial. Jenny has acting skills which she puts to good use and Voodoo always lays down an intense vibe. Scene also features deepthroat blowjob, black stockings, pussy eating, some choking and of course the all-important hardcore anal, guaranteed in every scene at BBLIB. A funny and well-done cameo by Charles Dera as a prick TV lawyer rounds out the show. As always, Brazzer's strong point is the scenario, the casting and their solid effort to create a production, not just a wham-bam quickie. Running time on videos average between 20-40 minutes, so you get all the anal action you could wish for. Beneath each video are handy pics/links to other scenes where you can find the girl (Jenny is also at Pornstars Like It Big). Members rated this one 9.13 and shared my Jenny Hendrix appreciation. She's not as big on top as most Brazzers girls, but she more than makes up for it down below.


In scanning through the library here, you'll find a variety of content: threesomes, rough sex, ass to mouth, cum swapping, some dildo, some DP etc. Most themes tend to be the "rip her a new ass/anal destruction" variety - the chicks have usually done something very naughty/bitchy/insulting to deserve their reaming (and then lovin every second of their punishment.) The girls wear lots of slutty sexy attire, stockings, fishnet, thongs, you name it. Brazzers doesn't waste their time on girls who aren't prime cut, top of the line in the looks department.


Videos are available in several formats: streaming, full download (WMV, MPEG1, MPEG4, iPOD/ISP), or download in clips of 5 min or 1 min segments, great for watching just the part you want. Each video has an HQ (high quality) photo gallery and a screenshot gallery, both downloadable in Zip file and viewable in slideshow format. The galleries usually contain 1000-4000 pics, some more, some less. They are of decent quality - not huge, but certainly good enough to savor the action for closer viewing.


If that's not enough to keep you "occupied", you also get 40 bonus feed sites including exclusive hardcore action, niche content, DVD's and more. Click on "Help" and that will take you to the Support  area with a general FAQ, live chat support, email contact and phone billing support.   


So, if you're a hardcore assman (and really, what guy isn't?), Big Butts Like It Big won't disappoint. Hell, the Jenny Hendrix and Kelly Devine vids are worth the price of admittance... but there's a lot more besides that, so cum on in... where "Big Butts And Huge Cock Come Together For 100% Raw Anal Fucking!"


Membership details:   1 day membership - $1.00; 1 month - $24.95; 3 month - $16.95, billed as one installment of $ 49.95 or 12 months - $7.50/month, billed as one installment of $89.99 - BEST VALUE! updates three times a day across the entire network, one password/for all sites, fast downloads and streaming, PLUS a 100% money back guarantee which you don't see too often!


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