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Reviewed 26 October 2009


So, first the bad news... well, not really bad, because the videos available through are excellent fetish material focusing exclusively on dominatrix action. The vids are all produced by Lakeview Entertainment and they do a very good job of it. Basically this site is the video on demand branch of Lakeview, and in all truth, you should know that nearly all of these videos can be downloaded through several paysites we've reviewed, including and For one monthly membership fee, you can download this same content to your heart's delight. However, if for some reason you don't want to commit to a monthly sign-up deal and simply have a yearning to sample a few femdom clips here and there, you might find this outlet to be just what you're looking for. With that in mind, let's take a look at how works.


At the main theater page, you'll immediately see many (51 to be exact) fetishes to search for in narrowing down your viewing choices. Everything from breast worship to trampling to strap-on to tease and denial. Simply check as many or as few boxes to pull up precisely what you're looking for. You can also search by Model to find the Domme of your dreams, as well as her bio and all her movies. BestFemomVideo has hundreds of movies available, viewable by clip or the full DVD in your shopping cart for purchase. All clips are yours to keep forever, and they even have a way to restore the license just in case you accidentally delete the cookies from your computer.


The clips are downloaded using tokens which you purchase according to your needs. Tokens are available as follows: 5 tokens for $4.95, 10 for $8.95, and 20 for $16.95. The majority of single clips require 5-9 tokens to buy. As an example, "Slut Service" Part 1, runs 11 minutes and requires 8 tokens. Since you can't buy only 8 tokens, you'll have to buy 10 for $8.95. If paying that much for a single clip works for you then perhaps it's a good deal. Obviously, it can get pricey to spend that much just for clips, but if this is more of a "sample the wares" excursion and you're simply not interested in committing to a monthly paysite, then it may be what you want. Many clips I looked at only required 4-5 tokens - the video "Work For It" could be had in individual clips for 4 tokens each (each clip running 10 min). So, a 10 min hardcore clip for $4.95 may be a good choice that suits your budget and needs.


The DVD's cost $24.95. Again, you can get ALL this same content for a monthly membership at the above mentioned paysites, etc, but not everyone wants to commit to that. If you're only looking for a specific DVD in the femdom genre and have had a difficult time finding some of this exclusive material at other video on demand outlets, BestFemdom Video is an excellent place to get it. Bear in mind that not all of the movies here are available on DVD, and they also indicate various states that they cannot ship to for legal reasons. (You're out of luck if you live in one of those areas, you'll need a friend to receive it for ya!).


They add a new video every 3-4 days making Lakewood Entertainment a great and dependable source of very hot, nasty, and professionally shot dominatrix material. Below each video you'll see the categories of fetish content found there and the model's name. Each clip is clearly labeled with date posted, running time, length and number of tokens required to download and also accompanied by six enticing thumbnail pics to let you know what pleasures lie within. Navigation at BestFemdomVideo is easy and well laid out, and you can also track your DVD order. They have an email contact for further help as well as a newsletter signup area. Be sure to read their well written FAQ, it will answer your questions pretty thoroughly. While I didn't download any of the videos from this site particular site, I have viewed several of the clips at their paysites like Pantyhose Supremacy and found them to be of good quality and well done. The resolution is high (approximately 640 x 480).


Keeping in mind that this alternative can get pricey, and that the same content is available elsewhere at Lakewood's membership sites, it can be a good choice for those of you who want to buy specific content at your own pace without committing to a monthly deal.


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