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Reviewed 01 June 2011


I don’t know about you, but I like em young and tight they don’t get much fresher than the babes over at This is a teen portal full of nubile sweeties all captured in glorious High Definition and accompanied by stunning high resolution imagery. What more could a guy ask for? is a fairly new site, with a moderate archive dating back to August 2010. It comes as a ten site network so you get this lovely offering plus nine more sexy porn sites to keep you entertained while the database expands - which it surely is, at a rate of one new scene per week.


I love the opportunity to explore a new network so I quickly logged in and was presented with a nicely designed interface. It would appear that the Webmaster has figured out that it is good to plan ahead and make the site future proof from the word go. More often than not, multi site networks employ complicated design and lack a decent search engine and worst of all (in my opinion) the need to keep entering user/password data each time you visit another site. Thankfully this isn’t the case here. Simple drop down menu’s enable seamless transition and everything works perfectly. A useful category section means you can jump into Big Boobs, Lesbian, Masturbation or whatever takes you fancy with a minimum of effort. An advanced search option adds to the user friendly experience.


If you happen to get lost (unlikely, but you never know), head to the top left zone and click Network Home. Incidentally in the same location are links to the network News/Blog, plus a handy personal stash area (Favorites) as well as the network Calendar (which displays all past and future updates - which are every Thursday if you were wondering?) and a Private Messaging service where you can contact the site Admin should you experience any issues.


Centrally positioned are a few more links where members can segregate photo and video content according to taste and to top it all off there is also a really cool model database which can be listed by Name, Popularity or Date order. Awesome!


As previously mentioned this isn’t a long established site so the archive is small. Currently 32 scenes are available. Of course the entire 10 site network makes up for this with over 50,000 images, nigh on 400 movies and 312+ models.


Content is again nicely laid out with a good description and links to movies, photos and video captures. Not all scenes had a movie and conversely not all movies had a high resolution photo gallery or video capture set. That aside what is available is pretty much top notch porno.


Movies come in a wide range of formats including Flash, MOV, MPEG-4 (for iPhone), MPEG and WMV. Download the entire flick or stream in smaller clips, the choice is yours. I found streaming quality suffered from pixelization so would recommend downloading content for the best possible viewing experience.


The photo galleries are breathtaking. Absolutely fucking massive in most cases! View the 100+ images per set in the slideshow tool or save individual images the old fashioned way as there are no zip files. All the content can be rated (5 star system), saved in your Favorites area and or commented upon.


Action is very diverse. Having perused the lot, its mainly solo girl with rubber friends (dildos) but there are a few cock sucking and fucking scenes in the mix with tight 18+ teens getting their twats stretched by huge meaty dick.


I like this network and I’m sure you will too. Its still growing so a degree of patience is needed but overall its a very admirable teen site.


Membership costs $29.95 for 30 days access or why not try the 2 day trial priced up at just $1!


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