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Reviewed 06 September 2009


Yeah, I know what you're thinking, this is just another rip-off site with a few tired photoshopped celeb pics that are yesterday's news, but actually I found this site to be pretty good, with diverse content and pix I certainly hadn't seen before. For one thing, it's huge, with tons of photos, and they do a good job of updating and keeping fresh material flowing. You can see everything from upskirt photos of mainstream celebs (mainstream is the focus here), to bonus porn content and lots more.


So, let me break it down for you. The Home page top navigation area shows Celebrity A-Z, Film & TV Stars A-Z, Singers A-Z, Athletes, Animations, Games, Top 20 List, Scandals, 10,000+ nude movie reviews, Recent Updates, Newsgroups, Bonus XXX Videos and Bonus XXX Photos. You also have free access to their VIP Area which contains 1,600,000+ nude pics/vids of celebs and their hilarious gallery of Fake celeb pics. The faked celeb pics are my personal favs because you get to see what a celeb chick such as Angelina Jolie would look like sucking dick. I mean, we know we'll never see these "legit" gals doin this on camera for all the world to see, so the next best thing is fake and the site doesn't pretend that these particular photos are real - they put 'em out there for sheer entertainment and laughs, and I must say, it's damn good. At least in your imagination you can get your kicks!


There is a bonus porn area in the VIP section with a fairly extensive list of porn stars with small galleries of XXX pics and a few vids in Quicktime video. But the emphasis here, as indicated, is on the hidden mainstream celeb naughty world. Really, there's a wide range of content to feast your eyes on - for instance, there's some (supposedly) hottie nudes of Stanley Ann Dunham, Barack Obama's mom, posing in 1950's style nudie pin-up pics.


Here's the blurb about the Obama pics…


"Stanley Ann Dunham, Barack Obama's Mother, left behind a few things that the country will be looking at for years to come.  A son who became president and a few NUDE PHOTOS!  Ahead of her time, Ann is shown posing for the camera in several positions.  Great shots of her ass and very nice tits!  We love to air out the family laundry, especially when the president is involved." 


I'm no expert, so YOU BE THE JUDGE on photos like this. We do know that she was a rebel and it's not beyond comprehension that such photos might be legit.


I'm also a big fan of easily locating nude scenes featuring stars in mainstream productions, and this site makes it easy to find the movie where your favorite hottie has bared all (or at least some) for the camera. In addition to all this, you get tons of candid stuff like beach pics with nips poking thru sheer bikini tops, plus fully downloadable Victoria Secret runway videos showing "accidental" boobie shots - very nice collection!


The designers here have done a great job with their excellent search functions - type in a celebrity name and it'll pull up whatever they have in their database, be it candid pics, brewing scandals, vids, regular pin up photos or whatever. On the Home page, the latest featured sex scandals shown are: Rebecca Gayheart, Eric Dane and Kari Ann Peniche sex scandal, Vanessa Hudgens nude photos, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi (known for throwing lavish sex parties), including one showing him with a boner lol, the Obama's Mama photos, ESPN Reporter Erin Andrews nude photos in her hotel room and of course the usual media whores like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Pam Anderson, Cameron Diaz and Christina Aguilera. Naturally, with any site of this sort, you must be the judge as to whether it's for real or not, but for me those issues don't detract from the overall entertainment value. Approach it with a grain of salt and you'll have a great time, because there are definitely some intriguing photos and other materials lurking around in here. And don't think this is just a Paris Hilton "going commando" rehash site. For instance, there's a tantalizing upskirt pantie pic of "innocent" fresh faced Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame exiting a car which I found quite arousingly interesting. A good reminder for us porn fans that the often hypocritical "mainstream" celeb world is every bit as wet and wild. Here's a blurb describing just one of their very large archive of scandal videos:


"Abi Titmuss from Hell's Kitchen - Home-made porn with John Leslie and a black chick! The Story: HELL'S Kitchen TV beauty Abi Titmuss was at the center of yet another John Leslie porn scandal. On a home-made sex video former nurse Abi sensationally confesses that they secretly filmed a lesbian romp WITHOUT the other girl's consent. Abi, 27, was sacked from mainstream TV when the News of the World exposed another gay orgy caught on Leslie's camera. Hopes for a return after Gordon Ramsay's hit show will be torpedoed now. A TV insider said: "No one will want her." HELL'S Kitchen star Abi Titmuss has found the perfect recipe to poison her TV career for good."


On the Home page you also see their latest featured nude scenes in videos - examples: Lauren Adams, Jewel, Darryl Hannah, Megan Brown, and more, plus an excellent A-Z database of mainstream movies that contain nude scenes. I clicked on "Dracula" and saw a version with Monica Belluci topless, so this site is a very handy reference guide for finding those "tit" bits that mainstream Hollywood likes to pretend don't exist but certainly are available if you have a well-organized way to find them. They also show today's updates (as of this review 2 vids, 16 pics and  3 newsgroups) So, it seems they are pretty good on the update front, although there's no particular schedule shown as to precisely how often you might see new things.


Go to the "Animations" link and you'll see a pretty hilarious collection of 100+ animated gifs , (fake for fun of course), showing the fucking we all would have loved to see on 70's sitcoms like Three's Company, Beverly Hillbillies and others, so again, quite well worth the entertainment bang for your buck. Some are political, too, so if you're a Bush hater or want to see Hillary and Chelsea gettin it on, these gifs are a real hoot.


I've really only hit the tip of the proverbial iceberg here, and for me, the bottom line when making recommendations on sites always has to be: is it worth the $$$ to get a membership? I'd say a definite YES if this is the type of material you're in the mood for and want to see a great mixture of candid paparazzi stuff, mixed with fun fakes, great search engine, some bonus porn content and an overall good time.


Customer support is available at their "Help" link and directs you to a fairly good page with the basics you need to know regarding membership and other issues. They also have some helpful links for software you might need to view the various videos at their site.


So, if you find out if the Obama pics are for real, drop me a line... if that's his mom, she was a real dish lol...


Membership info: You can get a 1 day "Instant Access" trial membership for $1 by typing in your email address at the site. Monthly membership costs $39.95 - payment accepted by credit card and check.


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