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Reviewed 27 July 2009


To successfully pull of a site of this nature requires one thing… there needs to be some fucking in public… sounds obvious doesn’t it? But boy oh boy, time after time, you join similar sites and instantly get pissed off when the best on offer is a quick handjob in the back of an old motor in the middle of fucking nowhere, hardly public is it? Come on you wankers sort it out!


So with some trepidation I strolled over to The promo material looked promising - the premise being this… take one charismatic guy called Stefan, let him loose on a shopping mall, follow him with an HD video camera and in next to no time he’ll have chatted up a sexy babe and gotten his dick up her chuffer - all in open view, often with people milling about in the background going about their less sordid business - most impressive work!


So we have the right ingredients here - a member of the public getting boned and sucking dick, out there, in plain open view should any fellow pervs choose to look - shopping centres, telephone booths, by the side of a busy road, office bathrooms, public parks, you name it Stefan fucks there. All this activity takes place in Germany, a nation pretty much wide open when it comes to sexual matters. Anyway, lets take a close look at what’s on offer.


Firstly, is super easy to use. All self explanatory. You can vote for scenes and even add them to your favourites list. There is a great slideshow option for viewing photo galleries which can also be fine tuned for resolution XL or XXL (these actually being 900x600 and 1500x1000 respectively), speed (2, 5 and 10 second intervals for handsfree) or you can manually move between images at your leisure.


This site is almost brand new so I’ll forgive the less than massive archive (currently 32 movies and the same number of matching picture galleries). The major moan here is that although the movie content is superb quality full screen 16:9 HD and available in Low/High formats (700kbps/1.5Mbps), these flicks are only available to stream. No downloadable content whatsoever. This would be okay-ish if the host server was fucking lightning fast but alas an annoying buffer countdown thing in the middle of the player window makes an all to frequent appearance, despite using a broadband connection many times faster than the download speed needed! Bad karma dudes.


As for photos sure enough no zips here either. This is never quite such an issue, and the slideshow is brilliant which makes up for it (a bit) but nevertheless I really did expect some zips, especially as you can’t download the videos.


Summing up, Stefan is a fucking hoot. I like his style. Despite not speaking the German lingo I could tell he’s a total perv and the scenes are amusing to say the least. He fingers and fucks sexy young babes right up to mature, (less so sexy), horn buckets and often leaves his spunk all over these whores faces, sperm shower style!


Running time for the movies was better than I expected (20+ minutes or so being good in my book for this type of material). Its 100% exclusive, updated weekly, with a good blend of cock gobbling and fucking to satisfy outdoor niche fans. Oh yes and check out the links below… you get all these bonus sites included with Superior Pass membership. For $19.95 per month, I suppose its not bad value even though downloads are a no, no! Worth a look if you dog, dawg!


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