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Reviewed 25 November 2009 is right up there in XXX nirvana, a mega site with credentials - nine years worth to be precise. Porn companies simply don’t survive if they churn out shit on a regular basis, just look at the number of adult sites that have rightfully ended their short and uneventful lives in the inevitable turd pile of shame. So you know that at the very least you’ll get what you pay for. Having said that, don’t go for the trial because its painfully limited - sure it’ll give you a taster but what’s the fucking point of that? Don’t be tight!


I think we have covered most of the major players in the mega site genre barring So it was high time to get stuck in and explore as any of their individual sites as possible, of which there are currently 29, plus a few extras thrown in for good measure. My first impressions were that is akin to our good friends over at Similar approach with the POV camera work, insanely comic touches (which you’ll either love or abhor), and the overall ‘this is professional shit, man’ dedication to detail.


Is there a theme going on here? Err, kinda. Its pretty much what we all know as reality porn - its also big on butts and tits (big butts and tits at that!). Plenty of hardcore, gangbanging, interracial, blow jobs and MILF’y stuff to be had too. I forgot to say there are some gigantic cocks stretching some extra tight pussy holes as well. And all of these niche satellite sites are bundled together within this bumper archive we call


Site navigation is one of the best around with multiple search parameters to hone in on exactly what you want, when you want it, just like a fucking perverted cruise missile. No aimless links, taking you to cyber black holes (unless you check out - sorry for the fucking shit pun there). It all works as advertised and that’s how it should be. A handy drop down menu enables seamless transition between the various sites in the network and no need for multiple logins either. Smooth and slick dick!


Content is very good, with something close to 5,000 full length movies (up to 50 minutes each) in various resolutions and formats from average MPG to excellent WMV and FLV (HD quality). Stream or download in small or large clips, the choice is yours. A marginal negative is the lack of high resolution photos - but then again at least there is a gallery per video and there are bags of vidcaps to accompany each movie. Something that may get on your tits is the cameraman and his incessant ramblings! I’m not sure what I hate worse in porno movies: it’s a tossup between pseudo jazz inspired bing bongy fucking music or aimless commentary by some dick wad behind the camera!


The update schedule is good, unlike some, its not daily but a solid weekly update which is fine for such a massive site, more would obviously be welcomed but then again I’m of the opinion I’d rather have less better quality full length movies than more drossy garbage short tube style clips to wade through. Be advised not all the sites are updating but this is common at mega sites - the good thing is new stuff is always in the pipeline so as one chapter closes another opens. That’s progress!


Here are some reviews of the sites included with I’ll add more on an ad hoc basis as we move through the site - so keep checking back.


Ass Parade (an ass site, no less)

Bang Bus (the world famous reality site)

Big Tits Round Asses (surprisingly full of big tits n ass)

Fuck Team Five (gangbang site)

Monsters Of Cock (gigantic pussy stretching knobs)

Newbie Black (hot black models new to porn getting banged)

Power Munch (lesbian rich carpet munching action)


As previously outlined there is a very limited 2 day trial priced up at an enticing $1 but don‘t do it, you‘ll only get all pissed off and that not good karma. Especially as the 30 day rate is only $24.95. No, scrub that too! Look, here is the deal - sign up for one whole year for the equivalent of $7.50 per month! Yep $89.95 gets 365 day access to one of the finest mega sites around. I doubt you’ll find a better site that offers up 29+ QUALITY sites for less than a tenner a month.


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