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Reviewed 26 January 2009


BabyGot is another of the bouncy big titty sites brought to you by the mega porn network known as Brazzers which has built its reputation specializing in babes whose bra size encases luscious melons that are way bigger than 34AAA. There really isn't another handy, centralized and large collection quite like Brazzers anywhere else online devoted to the theme that "bigger is better". Flat chests and pancake butts need not apply to this playground, 'cause they won't get their foot (or boobs?) in the front door. Some of the other titty-themed sites you'll find here include Mommy Got Boobs, Big Tits At School and Big Tits in Sports. As you can see, these guys are serious about large breasted beauties, and they show them off to their best advantage in many entertaining scenarios for your viewing pleasure.


With 184 movies to choose from, updated every week, you'll always be assured of getting your big boob fix on a regular basis. The main Members page introduces you to the Brazzers network, where you can see the updated scenes at a glance, plus upcoming, highest rated, most recommended and all scenes throughout their network. You'll also see an intro to their latest site, The Vault, which is hardcore, exclusive content never before seen that has just been released and updated 4 times a week. The top navigation bar shows Scenes, Pornstars, Sites, Bonus Content, Meet Girls, Live Cam Girls and Forum. The Brazzers forum is one of the most active around and with your membership, you'll definitely want to check it out, read the posts, and even interact with the Brazzers stars who stop by to say hello and chat with fans. There's so many options and ways to search for what you want that you'll easily be able to navigate from Point A to Point B, including pornstar interviews and bios and discounted offers to other networks such as Reality Kings, Girls Hunting Girls and many more. All the sites in the network are laid out the same way, making it easy to get around.


Click on "Sites" and you'll be taken to all the Brazzers sites, with latest updates, scene descriptions, number of scenes, and member ratings. To check out Baby Got Boobs, I scanned the offerings and found one that caught my eye, the latest update titled "Tits On A Plane". Ohhh, Mile High Club! Brazzers Airlines is one of those unusual modes of transportation that every guy would love to book a flight on, earning millions of frequent flyer miles while ogling the ample cleavage spilling out everywhere (including the stewardess as she walks seductively down the aisle). So welcome aboard and if you crash, just grab the gal sitting next to you as your personal flotation device! This scene features Lily Lovely - I had never seen her before and she's indeed lovely with very natural breasts that refreshingly don't look like many of the fake enhanced porn boobs out there. She falls asleep in her seat and naughty Mick Blue takes the opportunity to pull down her pink halter top and snap a couple of pics of her luscious boobs. She wakes up and demands to know what's going on. Quickly, they end up in the airplane bathroom (slightly larger than most I've seen, but not by much), and have hot, steamy sex in this oh so erotically cramped space. Since this is a boob site, Mick does a lot of sucking, squeezing and nuzzling of her beautiful tits while she moans and writhes. I kept waiting for angry passengers to start knocking at the door wanting to know what the fuck kind of monkey business is going on in there, but hey, this is Brazzers Airlines - the porn airline! Yay! They continue to suck and fondle, somehow managing to have sex in various positions without falling in the toilet or crashing through the wall, which right there was a major accomplishment for the performers and the cameraman! But they somehow did manage to put on a very hot show, which ended with Mick cuming on her pretty tits. Then the announcement: "This is your Captain. Prepare to land". OMG! Time to pull on yer pants and bra and get the hell back in yer seat! I found it very hot when Lily took some toilet paper in the airplane bathroom and wiped the cum off her tits. Wooooo! Sexy ending in an unusual setting. Kudos and a big thumbs up to the Brazzers team for building or acquiring a 100% realistic set of an airplane interior, another strong point with this network that you don't find elsewhere - they go the extra mile to set up their scenes professionally with camerawork, right down to the extras and wardrobe.


The next scene previewed was "Makeover Makeshift". I looked for a couple of criteria when doing the previews for this site: interesting setups and girls who had natural tits that were really nice looking and pretty boobs that I honestly felt a guy would want to play with, suck and fondle in real life. Mindy Main stars in this movie - she's been in over 25 DVD's and appears in 9 other scenes at Brazzers. She plays a nerdy chick with bad hair and even worse eyebrows and crappy fashion sense who goes to a hottie makeover team to get even with her slutty sister who always gets the guy. Her plan works and she bangs Danny Mountain who is amazed and turned on by her new sizzlin appearance. She does a very good comic turn in this video and her lovely tits get a lot of much-deserved attention from Danny. Her perky pointy nipples are amazing! The rest of her body is damned tight too, so she has the whole package going. Her porcelain skin, dark hair and green eyes were really striking. She also wears kickass black boots throughout the scene which pump it up a notch. The sex was pretty basic - nothing over the top, just good solid fucking. The makeover scenario was really funny, a somewhat more detailed lead-in to the sex, which I enjoy from time to time instead of the wham-bam style. Just depends on what you're in the mood for. The movie contains 770 HQ (high quality) photos and 630 screencap photos that track the video.


Finally, I looked briefly at another scene, "Beer Spill" with the gorgeous Savannah Stern who apparently just got implants but they looked very natural. The beer spill happens when John Strong "accidentally on purpose" spills his beer all over her chest as a lame excuse to fondle her breasts. She looks gorgeous and sexy in a black cocktail dress, but he gets her out of that pretty fast and they launch into a makeout session, lots of titty fondling in keeping with the boob theme, and proceed into good basic sex action. Blowjob, pussy fucking, doggy, etc. Savannah also sucks her own tits a little, which you don't see that often. The movie contains 1030 HQ photos and 711 screencap photos. The HQ photos tend to be the glam "pretty girl" shots, while the screencaps track the video. I would have liked to see Savannah paired up with a guy more in her league in the looks department, but I tend to forget that most guys don't pay much attention to the dude in the scene, so that's not a huge consideration (except for us chicks!) We DO notice these things! (attention Brazzers!).


In the previewed movies, there were some nice breast shots and more concentrated camerawork focusing on erect nipples and suckling/kissing/nibbling of boobs. The girls are very pretty and there's a wide variety of scenarios for every taste - some threesomes, deep throat, lots of cum all over tits, teen, titty fuck, oiled up tits and chicks wearing all kinds of cleavage baring outfits from bikinis to latex, halter tops, stockings and hot lingerie. The Tour page seems to emphasize the teen aspect, and the girls are youngish looking, although not so much that I would personally categorize Baby Got Boobs as a teen site. But they do have some girls with a teen look so there is a certain element of that here. Be sure to check out the Category terms at each scene for "natural tits" also if you want to be sure to watch a scene where you know you're seeing the real thing!


Movies are available in several formats: streaming directly to your computer or full download in WMV, MPEG1, MPEG4 and iPod/PSP. You can also download 1 min and 5 min clips - great for finding just the scene you want. All movies have a trailer and most videos run between 20-50 minutes - great bang for your buck. You can save partial video clips to your favorites. Beneath every video are links to other scenes the girls have done within the network, plus the member comments/scores.


In addition to the 23 sites available with your membership at Brazzers, you also get 40 bonus feeds which cover a range of hardcore content, including amateur, teens, masturbation, lesbian, MILF, interracial and much more. In addition, you get live cam and web cam chats, plus Brazzers scenes available on DVD. That's a helluva lot of content under one roof! Click on "Help" to go to the Support area, with live chat technical support, email and phone billing support and a general FAQ knowledge base area.


It would be pretty difficult NOT to recommend a membership to Brazzers. If one site doesn't turn you on, another one is sure to have something up your alley. And if you're a guy who wants to see the hottest chicks in porn showing off their assets, it would be difficult to find a more diverse or creatively entertaining place to indulge yourself. Baby Got Boobs - and very very nice boobs, guaranteed and speaking of guarantees, Brazzers offers a 100% money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied!


Membership Details: 1 month $24.95; 3 Month $49.95 or 12 Month - $119.88. Join by credit card or check.


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