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Reviewed 05 July 2010


If you read my recent reviews of, and you’ll have remembered these glamour stars hail from the TV sex chat show Babestation and shock upon horror yep you guessed it, this show has its very own babe-tastic website (just add a dot TV). is the online version of the original TV show which started in 2002 (Sky Ch 906/Freeview Ch 94-96), and contains photos and videos of every single girl ever to appear on the show. This equates to a tidy and sweet archive of 102 British babes. The tour suggest that there are 35,000 High Quality photos (which is probably a major under estimate - I would suggest this figure is more like 50k) and 200+ naughty videos (which definitely sounds low - again I’d suggest more like 500). Sorry I didn’t count them all so use this as rough guide.


Site design is pleasing on the eyeballs and navigation flows effortlessly as if its been greased up with a gallon of uber lube. Talking of which there aren’t a lot of links in the menu set-up just: Home, Our Babes, Photos, Videos, My Favorites and Member Support, plus a very useful ‘Browse Babes By Name’ A-Z. Clicking ‘A’ for example brings up all the lovelies thumbnails and by clicking the individual model picture you are transported by the wonders of electrickery to her collection. A brief description accompanies each set and photo and video content is clearly marked though not individually dated (NOTE: updated material on the home page is dated and indicates a near daily update schedule). Model bio’s appear to be a ‘work in progress’ as no data is provided. A site search engine provides category and content options to further enhance the user experience.


Images are displayed in standard gallery format and to activate the slideshow option simply click a thumbnail (which in turn enlarges) and then select the speed parameters (delay type, 1-60 seconds). If you prefer you can quickly download the entire crisp and sharp gallery in zip file. Members can rate the sets (star system 1-5) and add comments like ‘I want to fuck your arsehole‘ (did I just type that?!). Movies are in-browser streaming only (full screen available) and are excellent DVD quality, running to about 15 minutes (generally).


Content is primarily glamour inspired as the majority of models are just that, glamour models, so don’t expect full nude from each and every babe, however if you prefer something a bit harder you’ll need to track down the genuine pornstars such as Angel Long, Karina Currie and Lolly Badcock. These sluts get down and dirty and show plenty of succulent pink cunt.


As previously mentioned all your favourite Babestation TV show hostesses are here including: Alex Adams, Amanda Rendall, Camilla, Charlie, Daryl Morgan, Dani O'Neal, Dionne, Donna Duke, Ella Jolie, French Chloe, Geri, Georgie, Jada, Jemma Jey, Jade, Kandi, Karina Currie, Louise Porter, Lori Buckby, Lolly Badcock, Lynsey Atkinson, Megan, Morgan, Paige Tyler, Rosie Lee, Reede Fox, Rachel Cole, Stevie Louise Ritchie, Toya, Tiffany Chambers and Yvette Merriman, plus many, many more. I feel as if I know a lot of the girls personally having watched them on TV for years. I must confess to having a crush on Kandi right now and little does she know I’ve emptied my sack over her on quiet a few occasions!


What I particularly enjoyed was the unusual photo content at The imaginative way sets are composed utilizing atmospheric industrial locations and dynamic lighting techniques. Its truly breathtaking and a refreshing change from atypical industry standard soft focus glamour shoots - you know what I mean? A babe just standing around (posing is the technical term I‘m looking for here) looking pretty in lingerie or something. Each to their own I guess, but I tip my extraordinarily large top hat in the direction of all concerned for content originality.


Summing up, this is a great, 100% exclusive site designed for fans of the TV show, but would appeal to anyone that loves British totty and or digs softcore sites. There are way more images than video so bear that in mind. If you have never seen the show before, by becoming a member you can even watch an extended 24/7, 365 day stream of Babestation TV (or BS Daytime during err the daytime!) anywhere on the planet! Membership costs from $19.95 for 30 days recurring access, which is bang on the money - remember it’s a homage to the TV babes and works completely on that level.


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