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Reviewed 25 March 2009


If you are looking for full length niche specific Japanese bondage DVD’s look no further. The good people at have amassed a growing collection of the most extreme bondage, BDSM and Femdom material you are likely to find on the porno net right now. So if you like your Asian babes tied up, dominated, tortured and generally humiliated (don’t worry the girls get their own back in the Femdom section), you may just have stumbled across a little gem of a site.


First things first. is all about movies. There are no photo sets or screen captures, just 1000kbps (640x480) and 1500kbps (720x540) high resolution videos captured in Xvid-AVI Windows Media format (you’ll need to download the Xvid codec to view these videos).


AV Bondage is 100% minimalist navigationally speaking with just a few links pointing to Updates, Bondage, BDSM, Femdom and Bonus content areas. These are self explanatory and scrolling down each section reveals the DVD’s (cover image thumbnails and a few mini pics) that are ready to download or stream live (though downloading is the best option I‘d say). Each movie has a title description, the main (female) model featured, video resolution, running time and file size. This is when you shit your pants. These files are fucking humungous - some well over 1GB! Fortunately there are no download limits here and even the site owners suggest using a download manager - I agree wholeheartedly - this really is the only way to go unless you list watching paint dry as a hobby. The flipside… although it’s a tedious bore waiting on downloads (I suggest setting up your download manager to pillage through the night), the overwhelming positive is that you have a genuine full length DVD to keep - no pissing around with multiple scene bollocks here!


Size matters, of course it does - average running time on the DVD’s is a good 1 hour 30 minutes with some pushing over the 2 hour barrier. These movies differ from mainstream porn - one might say they afford a somewhat cinematic experience - a proper story line, real locations not just sets, good acting (not that I understood a word that was said - subtitles please) and an overall professional production feel.


I understand AV Bondage was established during early 2008 so I wasn’t expecting an extensive archive so soon. Presently there are 31 DVD’s per niche plus 8 bonus DVD’s making a grand total of 101, yes 101 full length exclusive DVD’s. Tot that one up. Say $20 or thereabouts per DVD, that comes to over $2000 worth of content should you be able to buy it in hardcopy format (which you cant, no store here just high speed downloads). That makes the joining fee way more attractive given those terms (more on that later). Talking of high speed downloads, I clocked a 2 hour movie download (991mb) at just over an hour with a peak speed being around 400kbps, despite using a connection speed of, and tested at, 3770kbps (if that helps anyone?!).


Updates are stated as between 1 and 3 brand new movies per month, which I suppose is not brilliant but then again its not multiple scenes and an ‘updated twice a week with scenes only’ style site.


Japanese bondage is very much an acquired taste and will not appeal to everyone. There is however a growing  fan base outside the orient and in that respect this marginalized material will be lapped up.


The fetish list is long and varied and by joining you too can be enjoying all manner of nasty exploits including fisting, girls tied up with hemp, master/servant scenarios, threesomes, a pregnant girl getting bathed in hot wax (yes that’s right hot wax), all manner of unspeakable torture (including water dunking and choking) and a stunning model forced to lactate milk from her swollen bosoms. As you can see that’s pretty kinky shit, plus lots more where that came from!


If you are not an avid fan of Japanese porn you may not be aware that due to obscenity laws in Japan, genitals and penetration are not permitted to be shown. So what you get is blurred out cock and pussy (you get to see bush and if you squint you can make out the good bits, come on we all do it), so if that annoys the shit out of you I wouldn’t recommend this site, but if you understand and appreciate the alluring forbidden nature of it all then my advice would be to go for it (obvious really).


I have left the biggest shock till last, membership costs. Okay are you sitting down? Well 30 days at AVBondage will set you back a wallet lightening $45.00. The best deal and the only other option is for 60 days at a cost of $65.00. That makes way more sense and would permit time to download everything without the need to clock watch.


Of course this is way more expensive than other sites out there but to be fair there is approximately $2k worth of content and its super duper exclusive nichey. If this is what you enjoy its money well spent.


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