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01 July 2010


Perfect Gonzo (the owner of this site) has ended its affiliate program and will no doubt be closing this site soon. The situation is far from clear but as a result of the poor way this has been communicated, we can no longer support or recommend this or any other of their sites.


This review will be left online for archive purposes (all links deactivated). Please check out another site review.


For your own protection please do not attempt to join any Perfect Gonzo site(s) as it could lead to disappointment and financial losses. Do not get conned!!!


Reviewed 13 December 2008 has been tearing up the rear-ends of some of the hottest Euro babes since 2003, and is still pounding away with no "end" in sight. With 273 movies under their belt (or up their ass) and a sizzlin stable of 226 models, they've really perfected the art of the back door. This isn't about lovemaking, it's about slamming those babes until they beg for more... or beg for it to stop. If you scour the world for anal-craving girls who can't get enough, you'll eventually have a collection of jiggling butts ready to blow your mind and a few other parts of your bod. The tour for AssTraffic says, "What Killer Ass Will We Fuck Next?" The creators of AssTraffic (produced by the PerfectGonzo network), bring you original and exclusive anal sex movies. They say, "we have big gaping assholes, double penetration, double anal, ass to mouth and more." This is hardcore all the way, and these girls are ready to take it to the hilt. Gape fans, get ready for lots of that here!


As with the other sites by PerfectGonzo, it's well designed with tons of search options that make it easy to find the back entry action you're longing to see. The Members main page features a graphic banner that leaves no doubt as to what's here. Hmmm, I wonder why brown is the predominant color scheme? And not only do you get anal, but deepthroat, ass to mouth, fisting, facials, and threesomes. Some wild stuff awaits at Asstraffic, all shot in fantastic HD. In fact, the Perfectgonzo sites are really leaders in this area, and you can expect the best if you choose to download one of their videos in true HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. They have a super handy guide telling you how to connect your PC to your HDTV for the ultimate ass-viewing experience! At the Members area you'll find latest site news/updates, a preview trailer for the "coming soon" feature, the Top 5 Movies, links to all previous updates, member review links and a link to their "Special Offer" area (sends you to one of their other XXX sites).


Click on "All Models" and you'll have at your fingertips one of the best model search areas I've seen, where you can find the anal angel of your dreams alphabetically, by name, date, rating, member reviews, or # of movies. Most of the models are European and some of them also appear at other PerfectGonzo sites. You can rate the model and also do your own member review. Reading other member's opinions of the ass action here is almost as hot as the movies themselves. You may find yourself lingering over the comments a bit longer than usual!  The review/comment area is a nice feature of the PerfectGonzo sites and this one is certainly no exception. From looking at the pics of these babes, they  nearly all have first-class tight round thick and luscious rears that you are gonna love seeing violated. Damn, there are some gorgeous fuck dolls hanging out here, so cum on in.


Let's get to the main action - the movies. Click on "All Movies" and then choose a babe that looks good. You'll be taken to the movie download area, showing model's name, date, running time and a preview trailer. There's also a hot description of the movie and the sex actions that you'll be seeing (anal, ass to mouth, cum swallowing, etc). There are four options for downloading the full movie: low MPG, medium quality WMV, High WMV or HD Quality WMV. Although the HD is the longest download time, it's highly recommended to get the full bang for your buck, although I downloaded the low MPG and found it very good quality, so it depends on your connection and what you want. But these days, any time you can go for the best, do it. They provide excellent download instructions.  You can also watch the movie in streaming MPEGs, divided into clips (usually 8) and you can seek inside the movie and jump to a particular clip that interests you (nice if you want to slip over the tease and get straight to the butt pounding!).They recommend using a download manager and have a couple of links for free ones if you want to check it out. The links for viewing the screenshots of the movie and photos are also on this page.


I was eager to get in here and sample the wares and I can assure you, I wasn't disappointed. I picked out a girl who looked slutty, blonde but gorgeous named "Trinity". The scene opened with the voice of the camera guy (he had an accent, but was understandable), roaming down a street that looked like a Euro Beverly Hills type of area which I liked right away. He walks down to a gated entryway with a chick's ass pressed tight up against it, perfectly showing off her butt which is encased in S/M gear that is off the hook. She teases for a few minutes, showing her rear, slowing removing her sexy outfit, and it's finally time to get down to the business of getting into her ass. Her well-endowed Euro stud appears on the scene and she deepthroats him while the camera picks up some horny shots of her gorgeous butt. Then ensues some extremely hot anal, (that's what you're here for!), with Trinity taking a very hard pounding. There's more than an undertone of sado rough sex here, with him choking her somewhat, murmuring words at times. Anal in different positions, all hard, and it ends with her on her stomach taking the final assault. Her facial expressions, especially toward the end of this 30 minute scene, are a real turn on, she's just about at the end of her rope, but she holds on and he finally finishes what he came there to do - get some Ass Traffic out of Trinity! Great close-ups, hot cumshot into her wide mouth and a gape shot at the end. While the scene did have other action (oral) intermixed with the anal, it was all good. I wonder if she could walk straight after he was through with her? Overall, A+ for this scene. I always ask: what is it about these Euro girls that makes them so nasty, glamorous, and authentic in their fucking sessions? Well, it's not really my job to ponder such mysteries, but mainly to tell you what's in here so you can enjoy and appreciate!


The photo gallery only had about 20 pics,. They were hot, but you'll get more from looking at the screenshots, which 217 shots tracking the video, available in lo and hi res. The hi res photos were 1920x1080 and looked fantastic, showing every bit of ass. All pics are available in zip files.

Click on "All Movies" and you'll see all the AssTraffic movies listed at a glance, searchable by Date, Name and Rating. Movies update weekly. True, it would be nice to have a daily update, but there's plenty in their video library to keep you satisfied between new anal adventures. If that's not enough content, you can go to their "Bonus Movies" and find a bunch more anal smut for your viewing pleasure. These movies are all from 2003, so there's no HD option, but they can be downloaded in WMV and MPEG, as well as streaming, with screenshots, etc.


Don't forget to use their "Action Search" which lets you zero in on just what you want, 30+ options from anal to deep throating to gapes. Again, the folks at PerfectGonzo have done a very good job with their search functions. And as previously mentioned, their member reviews kick ass! Well, what would you expect from AssTraffic?). Go to "Reviews" and read hundreds of member comments that will help break it all down and get to the model and scene that suits your back door fantasies the best. You can then add them to your "My Favorites" area (favorite models or movies).


Go to their DVD link for movies currently available from all their PerfectGonzo sites, including a trailer - currently, they offer AssTraffic 1-4.


Their "Help" link leads to their Customer Service Helpdesk, with billing, membership and tech inquiries. You can also submit a ticket for member support through their Contact link. If you're a member of other PerfectGonzo sites (each site requires a separate membership/log-in), you can access their entire database through their Indexxxed link. This is yet another powerful search engine which gives you info on such things as most reviewed movies, most commented models, and Top Movies. It's really a great feature and one that I wish more sites had.


Bottom line (okay, it's a bad pun, I understand!) is a membership at AssTraffic for you? When you consider the exclusive content which is indeed focused pretty much solely on anal, with a company that's been into this niche since 2003, along with indications that they are committed to listening to what their members want via comments/reviews, I'd say you can't go far wrong here. The movie I downloaded was right up the alley of any hardcore anal and  rough sex aficionado, (I realize the anal niche isn’t vanilla, but I’ve run across dull stuff out there) the girls are kinky anal freaks and the HD quality is amazing.


The only “con” if there is one, is that I’d like to see PerfectGonzo add some bonus sites to their current membership set-up, but until then, you really are getting some great bang for your buck. here. Membership details: 3 day trial: $ 2.95 - Monthly: $29.95 - 3 Month: $69.95 - pay by credit card or phone.


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