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Reviewed 30 March 2010


So guys would you like to be rimmed by an Ass Licking Club rookie? Thought you would, you dirty fucker! This site is low on content but high on butt hole consumption and the girls deserve a medal for these anal antics. I mean would you want to lick a middle aged man’s hairy asshole? Anyway I’ll open this review with a sentence pulled from one of the videos… ‘its kinda like eating pussy but err… a little different…’ yep that’s the honest fucking truth and this site is certainly different. It time to toss the salad folks.


I’m giving my depraved colleague Honey a break from the network today to bring you today’s helping of smugly written smut. So down to business (pun)… okay there are just 19 videos within the archive dating back to 2008 - funnily enough the updates also ended in 2008 so we are off to a shit start! Nil poi for updates then. That said its pretty unusual stuff this rimming malarkey so despite there being no future editions planned it may well satisfy your butt munching craving (if so inclined?). Of course becoming a member of gives so much more in terms of content (60+ sites) that slating this sites crap update schedule may be a tad harsh.


In addition to the 19 movies you’ll also have access to some nice looking photo sets and video captures which are all downloadable.


The action mainly comprises of a nice young babe and a not so nice looking bloke. Depending upon said individuals personal grooming standards the asses destined for rimming are either smooth or fuzzed up with butt pubes (excuse me while I vomit). The action element involves the babe sticking her tongue right up the waste pipe, while fingering her baby hole or wanking off the bloke (or a combination of both). In one scene previewed, and by way of a finale, the lucky chap was kind enough to empty his gonads directly into a sweet looking girls open mouth - she duly squished it around her gob before swallowing down with a big arrrrhhhh! At the end of each (20 minute or so) movie the girls receive a t-shirt emblazoned with the words ‘Ass Licking Club Rookie’ on the front. Nice and well deserved me thinks!


Ultra nichey site this, not everyone’s cuppa, but perversely interesting and horny nonetheless. You are buying into a much bigger site so don’t be put off by the small nature of AssLickingClub and its non existent updates. $29.97 will get you in for a month and don’t forget there are over 60 sites included for FREE!


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XXX Pwnage Rating - 3 Stars
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