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Reviewed 21 May 2011


There is something very alluring about sweet petite Asian fuck machines. Demure and submissive they never complain when you ask for a beer and most of these Far Eastern beauties seem to be sex fucking mad, well that’s if is anything to go by!


I have a soft spot for Asian babes, well its more of a hard spot actually. Not sure why, guess its that sultry doll like appearance, perfect black pussy triangle and not forgetting that oh so cute accent (fucky sucky anyone?). The chicks at look the business in oriental attire especially those with sexy nylons hugging their thighs (but that’s another story). Its solid hardcore, fucking, sucking, pussy licking (you know the score) plus some anal action too. was launched back in 2006 to a fanfare of clicking chop sticks, however it met an untimely death just a year - alas my sweet and sour balls dropped at this news. I have no clue why this site croaked so suddenly as the Asian niche is very popular. Anyway, with that in mind, its obvious we are dealing with pure archive material - please don’t expect any updates in the near future or EVER for that matter! This may come across as bad shit, but its not really (not unless you are after Asian babes only), as there are 26+ sites included as part of your membership to the Naughty America network.


Quality throughout is consistently good and navigation and search options are among the best. Unlike the current crop of NA sites this one shows its age, as there are no High Definition movies just an array of lesser quality formats (if you can call DVD quality that?). Choose from Flash, WMV, MPEG or MPEG-4 all available to download or stream without restriction. The finest scenes are captured in 720x540 WMV while the poorest are 320x240 micro movies. Expect about 20 minutes or so per video.


Photos can be viewed online in a slideshow tool or downloaded instantly in convenient zip files. The high resolution sets generally contain over 130 images per set, which is better than most. A low resolution photo gallery (aka video captures) are also available for all the slant eyed scenes.


Content numbers don’t stack up in a positive way, with just 57 in total. That said it is definitely worth a punt for a month and if you enjoy everything else has to offer I’m sure you’ll stick around a lot longer, especially as the join fee of $24.95 per month is very reasonable all things considered. Check it out now.


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