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Reviewed 04 September 2010


I’m a huge fan of stockings and anal sex - isn’t everyone? So when a site pops up that covers both niches, I certainly didn’t need a second invite. To be honest I don’t know of any other sites that cater for this combination and when I had a quick browse through the movies, sure enough each and every fucking episode features a leggy chick in nylon stockings taking sizeable dick up her poop chute… nice! Funnily enough this site is not called or but goes by the rather strange title of! I’m trying hard to figure out what the fuck that’s all about? Maybe something got lost in translation? Perhaps it should be Anal Scream, as these hoes certainly squeal when bell end enters the starfish of lurve!  


Anyway, as with, this is a video only portal. Unfortunately no images at all which is a bit of a bummer, no pun intended. That said, content is hornier than a shipwrecked nymphomaniac who forgot to pack her Hitatchi magic wand, so no lingering complaints.


This isn’t the largest collection either, with currently 129 AVI movies to download or view online in Media Player. 640x480 resolution is still pretty prevalent across porn land but with HD becoming standard it would be cool for all the scenes to be reformatted at some stage. Even still they are really worth watching and are certainly good quality with a wide variety of butt fucking sets from atypical secretary office environments to lounge sofa/chair and bedroom. The movies are a mix of full length and edited clips and average out at around 15 minutes - some longer, some shorter, you know the score.


As expected from a production crew that operates out of Eastern Europe, each scenario does have a seedy feeling to it - which I always enjoy. Everything comes across as a bit more dirty putting the hard in hardcore (and your cock!). Look forward to solid cock sucking and pussy eating and a heaps of anal creampie, made all the more sexy by the gorgeous stocking clad babes on the end of each piece of veiny man meat.


As with all the sites, members need to enter user/password info twice which gets a bit tedious after a while, but no biggie when you are guaranteed a helping of top notch ass fucking. If you want more anal sites, just hang in there week after week as free related bonus sites are rolled out on a loyalty basis - the longer you stay, the more get unlocked. If you can’t wait check out Ferro Network, an all-in-one mega site containing everything (50+ sites) but be advised its very expensive for the first few months before it decreases. membership costs $29.95 for 30 days and updates weekly. I think it’s a little expensive especially as there are no photos but the ultra niche anal/stockings appeal may tempt you in for a month or two at the very least. All things considered you won’t be disappointed by the content.


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XXX Pwnage Rating - 3 Stars
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