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Reviewed 23 October 2008


I would hazard a guess that for you to be reading this review you have given serious consideration to anal sex, yes? Perhaps the missus or girlfriend has stuck a no entry sign on her arse? Quite likely! So what to do? Head over to to fulfil your fantasy that’s what, and maybe introduce your partner to the many delights that rear entry  holds. If ‘operation shitter’ is still a non starter at least you still have this site. And hell, what a site.


Part of the HD Porn Pass network is sodomy at its finest. Genuine High Definition movies take arse fucking to an all new level and the sheer quality is breath taking.


Having reviewed sites from this network before (see my review of Ebony Addiction and Honey’s review of Simple Fucks) it’s a pleasure to be invited back via the back door.


I’m beginning to use the phrase ‘no frills’ quite a bit recently and this may give the impression that ‘no frills’ means err shit. But that’s not true. No frills layout/design/navigation is actually good when it comes to porn because the emphasis should always be on the content - after all that’s what you shell out on. Of course the ‘look’ has to be right and professional, but all too often visually stunning sites fail to live up to expectations.


So what do we have here… a no frills site (you knew that was coming), a decent header, horizontal navigation menu and content listed below (in update order). That’s it. Black dominates and fiery orange links add to the hellish feel. Scroll further down the homepage and all the network updates are listed plus more bonus sites (80+) as if what’s included wasn’t enough. I’m finding it hard to keep up with mega network’s these days - it seems as if a new site is added everyday - which makes joining this one such great value. Since I last visited HD Porn Pass a number of sites have been added (see links at bottom of page).


Okay so the site works as advertised - easy navigation - with a few third party sponsor links but not over the top. Right now there are 168 photo sets, and note these are high resolution. Starting at the galleries you are greeted by a grid of 8 wide by 4 high thumbnails (32 if you flunked maths) and standard ‘next’ number links. Click a picture and da daaa… same format, just click to enlarge. Unfortunately no zipped content to download or slideshow option to aid one handed operation.


Movies access works in much the same way. Listed under the title HD Videos, members can wade through 103+ movie scenes which are updated on a weekly basis. Options here are range from HD Windows Media (2000k bit rate), Windows Media and Apple QuickTime (both standard 500k bit rate). These options extend to both downloads and streaming. Titles are split into scenes and captions give a brief description plus date. When a new title is released (ie Part 1) it’ll take 3 weeks to obtain the full and complete set, which maybe a downer for some but will keep you coming back on the other hand. There are plenty of full movies to go at and remember these are HD, the finest around. And don’t forget all that freebie access which includes the entire HD network that come free - no brainer really.


Content is absolutely brilliant, real dirty a-hole action and you will not be disappointed with the close up camera work as they guy’s ease their meat into the forbidden zone. I will go as far as to say this is more Anal Heaven than Anal Hell and if you have been looking for an anal site with HD movies and a fucking humongous bonus area, look no further.


I really can’t believe the membership cost… $29.99 for 30 days access to the best (in my opinion) HD network on the net. If you are a bit of a miser and don’t want to fork it all out up front give the $1.85 limited trial a bash. You’ll be back for more!


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