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American Vice Mobile



Reviewed 04 May 2010


Since writing my review of the excellent DVD site AmericanVice in January 2010, I'm pleased to update all of you "on the go" smuthounds with the wonderful news that they've now added a mobile option so you aren't chained pathetically to your computer and can now view their huge DVD archive on your mobile device, anytime, anywhere. With all the competition for the porn $$$, it makes sense, right? The guys at American Vice know how to keep their customers happy and this is a great addition to their already large and diverse site.


Be sure to read my in-depth review of American Vice for the full details of how the regular main site operates (payment options, downloading, etc), but just to recap a bit, they've done an outstanding job of giving you not only a huge amount of DVD's (2,000+) and scenes (15,000+) but they've broken it all down into categories that makes searching for anything your perverted heart desires a breeze. Male, female, light action, hard action, fetish, you name it, you'll find a search filter to narrow the daunting task of locating your favorite freaky fantasy.


The mobile site launched in April 2010 and you'll see the link to it in the top navigation bar on the main page of American Vice. Access to the mobile feature is available to all members, so this certainly adds yet another great reason to give this DVD site a try. Let's take a look at how they've got it set up.


Click on "Mobile" and you're into this section of their site, searchable by DVD, Scenes, Categories, and Porn Stars. At the DVD link, you'll be downloading the full video. There's only one format - MP4, which isn't a huge drawback since it's the most common on most devices, and playback quality is average, bearing in mind that the movie is being viewed on a tiny screen. There's a thumbnail pic of the box cover, and clicking on that will give you a very witty and accurate synopsis of the action. One of the strong points of American Vice as I indicated in my original review is that they pull no punches when giving you their brutally honest opinion about the movie, which is highly entertaining in itself and earns them high marks for credibility. Naturally, if you're a fan of a particular performer or fetish, don't let their opinions stop you! Different strokes for different folks, right? But it still helps to weed out the clunkers from the guaranteed boner stuff! You can test drive a sample by clicking on "Intro" before proceeding into the download of the full DVD on your mobile device.


Next you can delve into the mobile archive via the "Scenes" link, choosing the "sample" or "full" options. Again, clicking on the thumbnail pic gives you a helpful and amusingly wicked scene description.


The "Categories" link pulls up a very detailed set of sexy action, including everything from enema to she-male to salad tossing to midget, plus all the popular niches such as MILF, anal, masturbation and much more! They even have a "costume" category... I like! So, they've outdone themselves on categorizing their DVD archive for mobile users as well as their regular computer users.


Finally, you can search alphabetically at the "Porn Stars" link and I appreciated that they show both male and female performers so us chicks aren't left out in the cold, searching for our fave hunks!


There are no photo galleries or screen caps, although some of the scenes have a few slideshow pics. The content of course isn't 100% exclusive as this is a collection of DVD's from various studios but they've assembled a diverse array of soft and hardcore material at American Vice that's sure to please most viewers.


There's no update schedule specifically available at the mobile area of the site, but rest assured the updates flow daily from the main American Vice area, so you'll always be getting fresh offerings. That's how their archive got so big in the first place, so no need to ever be without your daily dose of hot stuff at your fingertips. Yes, you'll have to go to their main site to view their updates, but that's not a big problem.


The important thing is that the guys at American Vice have now made portability of their huge DVD collection available to you, with ease of navigation, highly entertaining scene descriptions, and access to their entire site with plenty of membership deals to suit your budget ranging from $17.95 for 30 days right through to $99.95 for one whole year (billed in one installment) - that's just $8.33 per month for access to 1,000's of porn flicks! No credit card required! Don’t forget the five free movies on registration! A steal and highly recommended.


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