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Reviewed 10 August 2009


Porn, porn and more porn! My typical day involves a lot of porn. I’m actually surprised I’m not going blind looking at so many tits and clits each day but hey ho, its got to be done.


When the internet (as we know it) sprung into life back in the eighties who would have imagined that this globally inspired technological masterpiece would quickly become awash with all manner of pornography ranging from CFNM to BDSM and soft girl glamour to extreme hardcore? The primeval cyber soup certainly spawned a monster and porn continues to dominate web traffic to this very day. With so much porn on offer, free sites, tube sites and your good ole members only type site, unless you are über-nichey, it’s a fucking minefield out there.


For an all round (bit of everything) experience, one of the best is something we call the ‘mega site’. As you’ll glean from the ‘mega’ bit, it’s a huge archive of depraved acts all bundled together typically for one joining fee. I have reviewed a fair few in my time and today we will look at another… (ANP).


For starters this will be an overview - we’ll take a closer look at some of the individual sites in due course. First impressions… promising. Site design is good - a little overwhelming to start with due to the amount of stuff that immediately hit’s your retina - bit like being on the receiving end of a fat bloke rolling down a hill - BOOM in your face! Once that passes, you can relax and settle in.


When you have 3 distinct major adult networks (STFU, ANP and BGF) and 122 sites forming the backbone of your lewd library, you most definitely need some help finding specific content. And praise the lord of whores, you got it! Numerous drop down menus and a comprehensive network keyword search makes trawling pleasurable (for a change). Search by category, content type (photos/video), site or simply browse by model name. If its here you’ll find it. Another handy feature is ‘Favourites’, and although not overplaying the mega bit, this will be a lifesaver - once you’ve found a scene you like, add it to your Favourites for later viewing or before you forget how you found it.


The most recent updates and upcoming scenes are right where they should be on the home page accompanied by top rated scenes and models to the right. If you keep scrolling down you’ll come to thumbnail grids displaying all the websites you have access to (currently 122, but I reckon this will figure will just keep on rising - they usually do).


Content quantity is what I expected. The numbers speak for themselves. 96,000+ scenes, 2,502 models, 8,000+ DVD’s, 330,000+ high resolution photos and 537,000+ screen caps!


It would be fair to say that although this network updates daily, a number of individual sites don’t and others are purely archived. Again, with mega sites its not uncommon for there to be a certain amount of content overlapping and non exclusivity too. It should be realised that its simply not possible to offer this amount of porn and expect 100% exclusive material. Likewise quality varies from poor to average and up to good.


A major plus is that although I haven’t looked at every site just yet it would appear that you can download and keep just about everything (unrestricted) with numerous options and formats available - which is very refreshing.


So what can you expect from all this. Quite a fucking lot. Butts to boobs, foot jobs to fucking, gangbangs to gagging, MILF’s to masturbation and more solo girl sites than you can shake a spunk covered stick at, plus much, much more with shiny knobs on! Just take the Tour and you’ll find something to get off on guaranteed or I’m a bloody poof and will wear the wife’s pink panties for the rest of the month if proven wrong!


Don’t bother with the 2 day trial (despite its cheapo tag) because you’ll end up disappointed (its VERY limited). $29.97 will get you through the dirty door for 30 days whereas the super saver deal of $59.97 enables 90 days uninterrupted wanking! Go for it fuck fiends!


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