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Reviewed 23 April 2010


As those of you know who regularly read my reviews, I usually don't review sites with a low amount of content, but I do want to give a shout out to Alex And Lo. Even though there's only five videos and five photo galleries, this young married couple from Europe have an arousing amateur site that'll remind you of what it's like to be horny, in love and ever ready to fuck like bunnies in a natural way... on camera of course! True, there are other "couples" sites out there, most of them of the "me and my slutty girlfriend" variety, but Alex and Lo have a true erotic chemistry that can only "cum" from the bond they share in real life.


The site hasn't updated since November 2009, so unfortunately these juicy lovebirds haven't been around lately to show us more of what they do in bed. Alex is a nice looking young dude with a normal sized cock and Lo is a super petite cutie who loves wearing adorable socks with simple halter tops pulled down to reveal her tiny tits. She's 20, he's 25, although she clearly enjoys emphasizing her "teen" appearance with pigtails and little flowers in her hair, so if you get turned on watching a fresh European married girl getting sexed by her young hubby, you'll enjoy Alex and Lo's interaction.


As always with small sites like this, the added bonus for you as a member here is that it's part of a big network of sites, including XXXGianna, OliviaPain and teen "girl" sites, plus live camshow feeds, so that aspect more than offsets the fact that Alex and Lo aren't grinding out new stuff.


Navigation around here is quite simple - you'll see the top toolbar with links to the overall network, including a model search index, live cams, and recent updates. Beneath that are the Alex and Lo links: Our Videos, Our Pictures and About Us. Wow, that is indeed simple! Can't get lost here! A large pic of the two of them looking pink and lovey dovey is displayed, setting the softcore tone. You won't find bondage or rough sex here, just a natural pair who love fucking, especially doggy. That's Lo's fave position and she can take it pretty hard. She sports a neatly trimmed bush in the shape of a V, a sexy change from the totally bald look.


So, I checked out a couple of their vids and found them quite arousing. Each scene has a title and exciting description. They fondle, kiss, and Alex goes down on her to warm up his petite wifey. She's totally into it and you see some good, authentic amateur fucking. The action takes place on a bed - I didn't see any outdoor content. In "Sleep or Fuck?" they're snuggled up together, she's wearing pink pjs and little pink top. Some nice foreplay, he sucks and tongues her breasts, goes down on her and finger fucks her tight hole and she returns the favor with some great oral action, they 69 each other and finishes with the cumshot. The appeal of this couple isn't that the sex is freaky, instead it's the pleasure of watching a real couple enjoying sex together. I like the way Alex explores her body, and I'm a huge fan of good amateur couples porn. To each his own, but for my tastes, it's far and away a more authentic turn on than mass produced glossy porn.


My next fave scene here is "Lo Fucked In Tiny Socks". I don't know what it is about Lo and her little socks, but it got me hot! In this one, Alex uses a toy on her while she masturbates, and they fuck in all different positions. You'll love seeing them kiss and undress, with him pulling down her little panties and a certain playful attitude between them. He mildly spanks her butt a few times and definitely knows how to fuck her hard. I didn't see any anal, but she loves doggy. She keeps her little flowered blouse on for part of the scene, her bare ass up in the air (socks on), when he comes from behind.


Vids run around 10 min or so (they don't post the running time), and can be viewed in clips via streaming flash Hi/lo or downloaded in WMV Hi/Lo. Viewing in Hi is the best picture quality. For amateur couples fucking, the camera work is pretty good, you get some tight close-ups of her pussy and the oral action.


The five photo galleries average 100+ pics and can be viewed in slideshow format, large, medium and small size, available for full download in zip file Most are large and excellent quality photos.


The "About Us" link gives you a bit of bio information  on these two - their stats, likes/dislikes, etc.


No doubt about it, this is a small site but as indicated, I like to give a bit of a "plug" to amateur couples because there's not that many sites featuring this type of content and there's always a more connected feeling between legit couples vs. the staged porno pair-ups. Alex and Lo - a sexy fun Euro pair who enjoy fucking for their pleasure as well as YOURS!


Membership: Monthly: $29.95; 90 days: $59.95 or 180 days: $99.00. Pay by credit card, online check, or direct pay (EU only) and get access to 100+ premium websites, live webcams and much more!


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