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Reviewed 20 January 2011


Missionaries have been working in Africa for over a century, but you won’t find any religious do-gooders here, not unless it’s the Missionary Position! And if you were expecting giraffes, lions and elephants forget it. follows the horny adventures of Antonio, a curly headed white dude with a face full of week old stubble. His quest is more of a perverted pilgrimage than anything else, whereby he visits Africa’s seedy brothels and other places of disrepute to screw the local chicks and capture it all for his online diary of interracial desire.


Unlike big porn productions where you may have a video guy, a stills photographer, a lighting specialist, a sound man, a make-up girl or two, the director, plus a host of hangers-on, here its just one man - Antonio. Yep, he records everything himself POV style with just two cameras (fixed and mobile). His methods are unusual to say the least often switching between the two, superimposing two videos together (picture in picture I believe its called) which adds a new dimension to things. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but its certainly original.


As you would imagine, rubber johnnies are the order of the day as some of the black ho’s look as if they have been around the block a few times. Thankfully condoms are removed for the facial scenes and I must say Antonio packs a spunky punch - depositing huge thick wads that the sluts lap up like whipped cream.


This is a fairly new site from the gigantic network, so while the 36+ movies and video captures may seem low there is always a ton of content a few clicks away, including more interracial/ebony fucks (nigh on 3,000 videos to be precise) and similarly inspired smut to go at.


Alas there aren’t any high resolution images at this site, just video captures (550+ per set), but the movies are recorded in HD (MPEG format). Don’t expect mega bucks production values, these reality movies are good, but often lack decent lighting to make them spectacular.


As ethnic sites goes its got a gritty edge and the African girls are clearly 100% authentic. Some are fucking gorgeous and willing to do anything for/to Antonio. There isn’t a lot of variation in the settings - most are recorded in similar looking hotel/brothel bedrooms though some sexual acts are performed in a dimly lit bathroom. updates weekly and is an interesting diversion from the norm. Considering all the extras (90+ sites) its definitely worth a second look, especially at the greatly reduced membership rate of $9.99 for 30 days unrestricted access (special rate just for XXX Pwnage readers).


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