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Reviewed 17 May 2010


I have seen some great value deals in my time but this site takes the proverbial piss! Its such good value I’m totally gob smacked (and that’s saying something!). Okay we are all familiar with mega sites and is a variation on this theme, but its so much more than that.


Its 100% German hardcore and its also a fantastic bunch of HD reality sites.  But that’s not all. You want flat fee, (no pay per minute) 1:1 live cam chat? You got it. Fancy a bit of live voyeur cam action filmed secretly in a  tanning salon in Prague? That’s included too. And fuck me you also get a steady stream of German DVD titles all for one amazingly low price! Unbelievable. has only just launched but the individual sites that make up this porn vault have been around a year or so. That’s not to say its old material dressed up as new - on the contrary its all new and regularly updated (at least one movie per day). Currently there are over 450 HD scenes to choose from. Plus 68 full length German hardcore DVD’s to watch (with more to be added). Sure you can’t download the movies (its streaming only folks) but this is to protect the content from being viewed on free tube sites and I think that’s fair enough. The guys behind this want you to have exclusive content and that’s exactly what you get. A high resolution photo set accompanies each and every scene which is a marvelous addition.


The flat fee cam set-up is pretty unique and as a standalone site excellent value let alone all the extra content included for free. Choose from 25 live action cams ranging from studio cams to 1:1 with pretty Prague girls, MILF to chubby, lingerie cams to couples fucking right before your eyes and remember it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either - one monthly price with no per minute charges! A fast internet connection is essential to enjoy this section as the cam screens are much larger than usual and some even have 5 different viewing angles.


A straightforward navigation menu means you won’t waste valuable wanking time trying to find stuff its all where it should be. You can add all your best bits to your ‘Favorites’, search the site and rate the reality scenes.


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Hey I’ve saved the best bit till last. How much would you expect to pay for all this? I was thinking around $30 per month WRONG!!! Its just $19.95 for 30 days access, yep that’s $19.95 per month! Probably the best value deal anywhere considering the exclusivity and cams on offer. Don’t delay sign up today its fucking brilliant!


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