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Reviewed 07 October 2011


Genuine granny fanny is where we are at today. to be precise - a follow on site to the acclaimed I reviewed recently. So if you like ‘em wrinkly and with decades (and I mean DECADES) of fucking experience you have come to the right place.


I must say most of these 60-70 year old ladies have certainly looked after themselves or seen the surgeons knife as there are quite a few stunners. When it comes to atypical granny sites some of the old gals look well past it and I’m sure I’ve seen the Grim Reaper standing ominously in the background, but this site is different and dismisses the myth that old means decrepit ugly old hairy twatted fuckers. Just take a look at the sample galleries… not bad hey?


A lot of these amateur OAP’s could easily pass for pro pornstars what with that smooth waxed cracks and inflated boobies and its not uncommon to see them take it up the asshole and suck off another young guy all for our perverted pleasure. I like this site already! was launched in January 2009 and its not got a big archive, just 48 photo galleries and 47 videos. In the early days this site updated more regularly, but now its monthly which isn’t so great, nevertheless what is here is really good quality and well worth a look, especially as it is joined forces with (free access to both) making the overall deal sweet as a 69 year old cunt.


The 48 photo galleries are superb and can be downloaded in handy zip files (available in two resolutions) or you can instantly jump into the stellar Flash slideshow option which is great for some hands free knob rustling.


Movies are generally streaming only (480p or 720p), but the latest 6 High Definition WMV movies are available to download in their entirety or why not grab a mobile version for a tug on the go? Remember these videos are NOT available forever so get them while you can. All formats are crisp and sharp and run to about 20 minutes each.


The action is truly awesome - some of the best 60+ babe fucks I’ve seen in ages. Facials, blowjobs, interracial, huge cocks, up the shitter, in the snatch they have got it covered!


Shame about the small library but you can’t have everything I suppose. Still a worthwhile join if older birds make your balls tighten!


Membership starts at $29.99 for 30 days recurring which includes FREE access to… cool!


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XXX Pwnage Rating - 4 Stars
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