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Reviewed 23 August 2010


Having reviewed, I couldn’t resist taking at look at what could be best described as its dirty fucking twin sister. The premise is simple and reads like a depraved porno recipe…


Here’s how to make a tasty 5 Guy Cream Pie


Take 5 dudes, around 25-30 years of age. Add one dirty young slut with a sweet pink pussy. Insert 1 cock and pump back and forth for 5 minutes. Add 4 further dicks (but not at the same time) into said pussy and repeat the process until each guy has emptied his sack, which can be determined by the ‘funny‘ look on his face and a groaning sound. Please note: Cock sucking is optional, though highly recommended. When hot sticky sperm starts to drip out of the chicks swollen slit and forms a pool beneath her ass, then you have successfully made a 5 Guy Cream Pie. Now, just sit back and enjoy! is a classic. If you are into gangbang sites then look no further - this site is heaving with spunk covered beaver, in fact 110 models get the creampie treatment spread over 127 movies and 72 high resolution photosets (75+ images per set).


This site has been providing solid hardcore content since 2004. Its all nicely laid out and easy to get around. The very latest movie content has download options for both High Resolution WMV and iPod/portable MP4 versions. The 10-30 minute WMV movies are much better quality than the earlier material coming in at 640x480, but its all worth viewing (stream or download the choice is yours).


Photosets mirror the movies to a certain respect however they also include some solo model posing and stripping - I particularly enjoyed Ashley Blue - she is one hot bird and if there are any vacancies to fill her gash with cream I’m free! Download high resolution or iPod sized images in handy zip files or view online using the hands free slideshow tool.


Each movie starts with the guys drawing lots (ie what order they get to fuck the babe). Number 5 getting the most jeers as obviously its pretty wet down there are four guys have cum. I liked the amusing intro and the rest speaks for itself - groping, blowjobs and dirty messy fucked up creampies.


I’d be quite happy to sign up for this site as a standalone, but you do get a host of free bonus sites thrown in, including the fantastic (see links below for the rest). Updates are roughly one new movie/photoset per week, so it all adds up to a decent deal. Membership costs from $29.95 per month which is not bad considering all the extras and the excellent creampie action that forms the core. High recommended spunkfest, check it out now.


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