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Reviewed 02 October 2011


I got a good feeling when I logged in to I love mature sites and this this is definitely MILF fucking heaven. A staggering collection of high quality images and video of 500+ stunning genuine amateur ladies in the prime of their lives. This is perfect mature fare and encompasses ages ranging from 40-60, so it’s the real MILF deal too!


The site design is quite vivid - in a brown type of way. In fact, the website appears to have been carved out of a solid piece of mahogany and while it may not appeal to everyone’s taste, I liked it and that ancient dusty sideboard look fits in well with the antique theme (no offence ladies!).


With a name that includes “Mag” in it I was hoping for a girly magazine style format and that’s exactly what you get. Content is grouped together into bimonthly magazine spreads and each has a cover akin to the sort of thing you would find on the top shelf section of your local news outlet - you know where the risqué XXX stuff is situated. There are great descriptions and amazingly each magazine is available to purchase in old skool paperback format too. You can expect around ten MILF babes per issue and the cost is a fixed at $10 per mag, which ain’t half bad considering. In a time when everything has gone digital and only available online, its refreshing to see a bit of retro thinking - cool idea huh? I suppose the downside is that its an additional cost to what is already available online so maybe a special deal for members would be the way to go?


Anyway back to the site itself. Although at first glance you would be mistaken for thinking there isn’t a whole lot going on, there is - its just hidden away somewhat. For example click the “Magazines” link and you’ll see just a few of the latest offerings. Scroll down to the “View Archived Magazines” link and you will be rewarded with an menu that spans the last decade - yep, the very first issue was released back in September 2000 which is impressive to say the least.


As a photo gallery kind of guy this site really appealed to me. Sure there is video too but I like harking back to the day when porn sites were purely composed of pictures. Call me lazy, I didn’t count every gallery, but there must be 800-900 and each is available to download in a handy zip file with a choice of medium or large resolution sets - likewise with viewing options (choose the highest quality). Expect 50+ images per set and you won’t be disappointed - the quality is excellent.

Video content is around half that of the image library and ranges from top notch WMV HD to lesser quality MPEG - running time 20-30 minutes on average. A mobile version (MPEG-4) is also provided for some fun on the go. Steaming only content (480p or 720p) dominates the movie archive though the newest 6 movies can be downloaded and keep forever.


Action is composed of solo glamour inspired posing and some top notch beef curtain tweaking and a-hole prodding hardcore. In fact there are additional sections where members can find bonus material such as “XXX Photos” and “Specials”.


This is a really nicely thought out and accomplished site. A few navigational tweaks wouldn’t go a miss to really showcase what’s on offer, but it’s still a winner all the way. The mature muff on show are the undoubted stars and that’s how it should be. updates around three times per week and membership costs from $29.99 per month. Check out the other offers - the longer you join the better the deal for your wallet.


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