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Reviewed 13 January 2010


Before we begin, this review requires a little cross-cultural lesson for the esteemed P-FAP (Pornmeister from across the pond akaThe Webmaster of XXX Pwnage). He knows what "bounce" means but regarding the "40 oz" part, he'll need a bit of Yank explanation. A 40 oz is a big ole bottle of malt liquor (beer? is that what they call it in UK? in those pubs of yours? lol). It's what the homies on this side of the pond drink while they sit around the crib deciding what ho to bone next. If they're sober lol. The inventive minds at Porn Pros, the big ole porno network that 40oz Bounce is part of, came up with this amusing title. The "bounce" refers to big round juicy butts that do a big booty dance all over your dick. Then those jiggling rears get one (or several) bottles of 40 oz poured over their glistening backsides after a hard pounding. I'm sure you'd rather drink it off their ass than from a glass! Ahh, this site brings out my poetic side, or is it my inner rapper? lol


This booty-ful site went online in 2007 and they've bounced their way up to 85 scenes, updating once a week except for the last week of each month according to the Porn Pros current calendar. There's lots of bouncy butt sites out there, but I was happily surprised that this one is as entertaining and just downright nasty delicious as it is. I wasn't expecting much to tell you the truth, although Porn Pros has delivered well on every site I've reviewed so far, but you know how it is. I mean, 40oz Bounce? I figured, gimmick title, not much action, but I was wrong. Spank me!


They've featured just about every porn babe out there who owns a hot bouncy butt, and they've also evolved and experimented, looking for their groove. But you'll like the journey along the way, from first scene to last. While earlier scenes featured a mix of white, black and latina chicks, they seem to be gravitating more exclusively to sistas (maybe they ran outta white booty? lol). I see some new faces...err… booty here too, and that's a GOOD thing for smuthounds everywhere. The most recent 25 scenes feature two black chicks shaking their rumps. While one is nice, two is nicer. Sometimes it's one lucky guy (hung, handsome and delish stud named Lee Bang) having his way with those butts, or him and another guy. So, there's good threeway action or one girl helping out and watching, plus plenty of hard-driving anal. Everybody gets a piece of the pie.


Another thing you'll like is the humor element, at least I did. The scenes I previewed had funny setups that didn't take too long to get into... funny shit like 07Negro (hey they said it, not me!), or Lee Roy Jones and The Asses Of Doom or the devil and his evil ho coming down to capture some booty. If you're not into the laughs, you can always fast forward or watch individual clips. The overall feel is gonzo although earlier scenes may be a bit more routine porn, but still fun. I did see a 2008 scene with bombass Phoenix Marie doing her Marilyn Monroe impression gettin fucked by a porno Elvis impersonator, so the 40oz gang has always enjoyed putting the laffs out there. A bouncy ass is a bouncy ass and even though the malt liquor looks hot trickling down those cheeks, it helps to have some entertainment value to "round" it out. I do feel the site is gravitating to a grittier feel, which is fine too because I like nasty hos gettin it up the butt on a low budget set :) It's a lil ghetto but it's good, and dayum, you will get your fill of great ass here.


All the sites at PornPros are designed the same, so it's easy to navigate once you've visited a few. There's a search area at the top with drop down menus to pick a site, category or model, or you can type in your own search term.  You can easily search all their sites for updates, or check out their top rated videos.  At the Main Members area of 40oz Bounce you'll see the thumbnail pics of scenes with date added. Wow, a ton of lovely bubble butts will be in your face before you know what hit you! Click on the pic and you'll be in the video download area, where you'll find Scene Info on the right of the screen which includes performer names, running time, number of pics, date added and always a very funny scene description. You can also rate the scene and add it to your favorites. Click on the model's name and you'll see her stats and number of scenes she's done at Porn Pros.


Okay, I just had to check out the pic showing two lathered up butts featuring Blue Diamond and Alexa Cruz, couldn't pass that one up for preview. Title: "The Devil Wears Booty" and it was a hoot with the devil scenario goin on. But once they depart from the jokes and get into the action it's a solid fuck-a-thon, with fine anal, pussy, blowjob, and the ebony babes taking cock in all positions from the "devil" and another guy who looks like a double for Snoop Dawg. Great little orgy going on here, that's for sure, including some DP action as well. At the "climax" their asses do indeed get drenched with  the 40 oz brew plus lathered up so their butts look even more delectable. Lots of "put that muthafuckin dick in my asshole", so if dirty talk is your thing, these bad girls don't disappoint. Running time  50 minutes with a whopping 420 big clear hi-res pics and 101 screencaps in zip file so you can examine those asses in closer detail  later. As always, PornPros doesn't skimp on the length of the scenes. Most run between 30-50 minutes, which gives time for a build up as well as plenty of sexing. This vid gives new meaning to the phrase: getting the HELL fucked out of ya! Blue Diamond and Alexa Cruz are really smokin babes with ass that won't stop.


Next I looked at another ass-o-licious pair: Kim and Ms. Juicy. The opening is another amusing theme, batman aka, the REALLY Dark Knight lol...Kim Treats and Juicy, two black hos, are in trouble! They need help! They need black bat cock up their ass and they get it! This is a three way, with the girls taking turns, anal, blowjob, pussy pounding. And by the way, no toys or dildos in either of these scenes to clutter up the pure hardcore bouncing! Our dark and lovely ho damsels in distress finally end up in the "bat cave" where the 40 oz is poured onnnnnnnn! Hot driving sex and laughs, what could be better? The lighting and sets in the scenes I looked at are low budget - the fucking all happens on a leather couch and their humor lead-ins are intentionally made to look cheesy, so it's certainly watchable. The "acting" is spoofy and at times quite hilarious but when it's time to get down, they get down on those butts. Again, there's some variability on the quality spectrum of the settings at 40oz Bounce - you'll see upscale outdoor pool scenes and interiors, it just depends. But what's not variable are the great asses on display. Not all the girls have big tits - there's a range of big to small, but no matter what, they got butt (this site definitely is bringing out my inner rapper lol). Running time: 34 minutes, with 420 hi-res pics and 208 screencaps in zip file.


As indicated, you'll see name porn girls here (the ones noted for their rear assets) such as Jayden Jaymes, Claire Dames, Velicity Von, Alexis Texas, Jada Fire, Sinnamon Love, Jenny Hendrix, Shyla Stylez and more, also new girls on the scene with focus on the black audience. There's more interracial in earlier scenes and more girl/guy, whereas recent scenes have featured two black chicks and a guy or guys.


PornPros brings you several options for viewing: you can stream in flash or download the full vid in WMV HD/SD or MPG HD/SD in addition to viewing individual clips (usually 8 per vid), in flash or WMV/HD/SD, MPG/HD/SD. You can also browse invidual 1 minute clips. They have a "download to go" area although it's a link to an outside area called that allows you to convert your vid to DVD and various mobile options such as iPod, etc. A bit misleading, but at least they are trying to recognize the "on the go" needs of today's pornhounds!


In addition to the vids you also get a ton of webcam/live chat feeds as well as a link to their extensive DVD collection at "Porn Pros TV". And of course don't forget the 20+ bonus sites that you have access to with your membership, so if 40oz Bounce turns out not to be your fave, there's plenty more in the network. Support is provided by a link to a billing and member help page.


It will be interesting to see how this site grows over time and I hope it continues to add weekly vids. If they can keep their current update pace, that will be great. I like the direction they're going, it's hotter and a bit nastier for my $$$ and maybe yours too. And let's face it black girls DO have the best booty! As they say at their tour page, "This is not the same old boring booty site." I definitely agree with them on that. It's "THE BEST BIG BOOTY SITE WITH A HOMIE TWIST". If you love laffs, anal, and of course seeing brew spill and splash over those round mounds, 40 oz. Bounce will be your cup of tea… (Earl Grey anyone? I just want to make the UK webmaster feel at home :)


Membership: One Day Trial: $1; Monthly: $24.94; 90 Days: $59.97. And don’t forget you get 21+ exclusive sites for the price of ONE with your purchase when you join Porn Pros, plus webcams and bonus sites like this one! Join by credit card or check.


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