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Reviewed 07 August 2010


This type of site is always entertaining. Firstly, we have the gangbang/orgy element - who cannot resist a site where one horny slut gets mouth fucked over and over until copious amounts of ball fluid spurts forth, gets guzzled and duly swallowed like a fine frigging wine. And then there is that slightly comic sight of 5 or 6 blokes in the background all trying to keep their semi flaccid cocks hard by tossing themselves off, patiently waiting their turn to empty their sack into said chicks gob!


To be fair you’d have to be a bit of a thick cunt not to figure out what is all about - 10 dudes, 1 babe and what do you get? Non stop deep throat, blowjobs, cock rubbing, ball sucking, facials, face fucks and jizz swallowing. I must confess to hooting with laughter while watching Sophie Dee take an extremely thick load of creamy spunk from some black dudes mighty rod, when out of the blue came a sports style instant fucking replay, slow motion and all… ha ha most amusing - nice touch (probably not meant to be funny but it was).


Anyway as a good reviewer, I counted all the content on my sticky fingers and can divulge that there are currently 124 videos and 59 photo sets. Not a bad collection at all. The very early movies are small MPEG-4 presentations and though not listed as such would be ideal to upload to an iPod rather than watch on a big computer monitor - the very latest content has download options for both High Resolution WMV and iPod/portable MP4 versions. The WMV movies are much better quality coming in at 640x480, double that of the older vids. These aren’t feature length but long enough not to fall into the clip bracket. Average being around 10-15 minutes.


Not sure what is going on with the earliest photosets, which date back to 2004, as some of the thumbnails are really fucking shit and grainy (wrong resolution parameters have been set by the look of it - sack the web man!). Saving grace is it only affects the thumbnails and not the enlargements. The latest stuff is fantastic and does not suffer from this - expect about 50 images per zip file. Action starts off with a chick stripping before getting the multiple cock treatment - most of these whores swallow every last drop of man gravy so 10 Man Cum Slam definitely ticks all the right boxes.


As blowjob sites goes I reckon this is a really good one. Sure the updates are a bit erratic with no new photosets since June 2010, but at least movie updates are a bit more on the button with one new movie in July of this year. Having said that its not the end of the world as members are entitled to 16 bonus sites from including another orgy type site:, plus others (see links below). $29.95 for 30 days access is not too bad a deal considering the bonus content that’s included for zilch.


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