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DVD Reviewed

Reviewed 26 November 2008


"The Experiment Continues...Six Stars. 36 Hours. One House. No Script. 9 Sex Scenes, Just The Way They Want...”


When I interviewed adult star Derrick Pierce as a special for XXX Pwnage, he said the two movies he was proudest of thus far in his career are "Chemistry 3" and "Upload". I hadn't seen Chemistry 3, so wanted to check it out. After reading a few reviews, I still didn't know what to expect; it sounded a bit gimmicky. Six porn stars in a house together for 36 hours, reality show style? I have to admit, I was skeptical that it would be something I'd find hot. As consumers of adult videos, we've all been burned more than once, buying/renting something that's been hyped as the wildest porn out there, only to be disappointed. Well, I'm very happy to report, I was not disappointed in Chemistry 3. In fact, I came away feeling that it was one of the most amazing productions I've ever seen. After watching the two disc, 3 1/2 hour video directed by the brilliant and insightful Tristan Taormino, I almost felt like I'd had six porn stars in my own house. Wow, were they under my bed? There were a couple of times it sure felt like it! That's how intimate, how "up close and personal" and even a little uncomfortably raw and vulnerable this film is. I'm not surprised it won Best Gonzo at the 2007 AVN Awards.  


If you've ever wanted to see your favorite porn stars having sex "just the way they want", without the artificial rules and structure of a movie set, doing what comes naturally, now's your chance with Chemistry 3. Word of warning: you may realize, for the first time, that adult performers are real people, with real feelings coming at you, loud and clear. They laugh, they cry, they get pissed off. They grab the lube, they snuggle under the covers, they pout, they bicker. They reveal many of their innermost thoughts. They also fuck like rabbits all over this reality house, so they definitely keep their porn star reputations intact, but at a different psychological level and from a different perspective.


Ms. Taormino, the creative force behind the Vivid Video Chemistry Series (Chemistry Volume 1-4), has said that this third installment is her favorite because of the strong mix of personalities and the way they interacted. And who are these personalities? Three female stars: the petite, blonde Hillary Scott, the busty and beautiful Jada Fire and the vixenish Roxy Deville. Three male stars: Sizzling stud Derrick Pierce, veteran Steven St. Croix (15 years in the biz) and the hunky Christian, making his second appearance in the Chemistry series. For 36 hours, these six incredibly charismatic people live in a secluded house and are told not to have sex like porn performers, but instead to drop the mask and allow their natural attractions and behaviors to take center stage, with no script, no pre-conceived ideas of where the sexual action might lead them.



The video opens with each cast member briefly introducing themselves, then moves into the first group discussion as they sit together and begin to open up, talking about their  issues and opinions about the adult business, stereotypes and misconceptions about porn, and their own personal feelings , with director Tristan Taormino interviewing off camera. And what a group this is. It was odd to see them fully clothed and sitting around like everyday folks, although hottie Hillary Scott nonchalantly had her distractingly lovely boobs on display throughout this initial scene - just a little reminder that these aren't everyday people. The house used for filming is a typical sunny California Porn Valley with a view place, complete with sparking pool, spa, and marble bathtub. In this first scene, you sense that exciting, intense times are ahead as the edgy group gets to know each other, wisecracking back and forth, laughing, feeling out the territory. Some of them had worked together before, some had never met. Each porn personality was handpicked by Ms.Taormino because she wanted to showcase the most articulate, interesting, and special people in the biz and she sure got 'em. Super sexy and super crazy!


Immediately, Derrick Pierce emerges as the strongest and most verbal Alpha presence, making what is really the most insightful and accurate observation of the entire production. He says that for him, the chemistry with his female co-star is all important. Even if it's faked, he says, "Just make me believe it." Amen, brother! I know that every viewer will agree with that sentiment. I have to "buy" the action, regardless of what the behind the scenes reality is. It always boils down to chemistry and believability. It can't always be real, but the big talents in porn know how to make it look that way. It's the reason these six people were chosen by Tristan Taormino, to play out their personal fantasies in this house above the LA city lights, to share their innermost selves, which they do with amazing candor and vulnerability. They've been physically naked on camera and they know how to do that. Now they're stripped psychologically naked. I was quite surprised that they were as open as they were, saying things you wouldn't think they'd be bold or honest enough to say. After all, these are people with "images", with strong sexual styles and fans who identify with those styles. Yet, they were ready and willing to drop their images just a bit.


During the first intro roundtable scene, I was absolutely riveted, just observing them, their clothes, their body language, even their off camera tone of voice as opposed to porn performance mode. I think that's what will really grab true fans about this video. The sex, of course, is off the hook. But it's so incredibly rare to have the opportunity to watch adult entertainers just hanging out, being themselves, you want to soak it in. The girls wear whatever feels good to them at the moment - bikini panties, white socks, or nothing at all. But they still look bangin hot, even in this casual setting - even when waking up first thing in the morning. Hillary Scott asks, "do you wanna fuck us?" as she awakens with Roxy DeVille. They both looked pretty damn good! I was hooked from the get go. I couldn't tear myself away and watched the entire two-disc set straight through without a break. Did I expect to be so intrigued and entertained? Frankly, no. But I was happy that my earlier jaded feelings had been so wrong. I challenge anyone watching Chemistry 3 - even people who have never seen a single minute of porn - not to be drawn into the sexually charged and intimate world of these men and women, or as Tristan Taormino calls them in her closing remarks, "sexual gurus" and "sexual superheroes". In a sense, I agree with both labels, because they do things that everyday people can't, (and things even THEY can't get away with in everyday life), but they're also the ultimate sexual rebels, pushing all the boundaries over the cliff  and sometimes yelling "fuck you" while doing it.


After the initial roundtable scene and more candid interviews, the first extended sexual hook-up features the dominating and ultra sexy Derrick Pierce and the hyper Roxy DeVille, who confesses that she's a nerd who doesn't view herself as sexy, wants to do cartoon voiceovers (she launches into some hilarious examples), and would do BJ’s exclusively if she could. He confesses that he likes rough sex - choking, spanking, etc, but comes across as friendly, witty, yet ready to roll with whatever cums his way, slyly sizing up Roxy. This is the first time these two have met and their scene is a lusty power struggle between two similar strong personalities. Derrick chokes Roxy with her bandana, which she gets off on. He sweats like a real guy having hot sex, she needs extra lube and they clearly enjoy each other's bodies and presence with their laughter and teasing. Every sex scene in this video is top-notch. It's as hardcore as anything you'll see out there, but the huge difference is the bond that exists between these performers - something sadly lacking in most porn. It's chemistry and Derrick and Roxy have it.


Even though the sex is fantastic, I was most fascinated by the interviews and honest talk. This is not a porn flick in the usual sense, even though there's a helluva lot of fucking and sucking going on here. Suffice it to say, you'll see some of the wildest sexual connections ever, all filmed in Hi Def with great camera work and lighting for the most part, taking into consideration that this was a reality set-up so the occasional out of control camera shot or poor lighting couldn't be avoided. Cast members were also given their own "perv cam" to roam around the house capturing each other in various sexual scenes. I guarantee you'll be hitting the rewind button over and over, just to make sure you saw what you actually saw. Here's a preview:  


You'll see Steven St. Croix have an orgasm with Roxy Deville that made his eyes roll back in his head. You'll see the beautiful and bodacious Jada Fire vibing her clit as Derrick Pierce bangs her hard (word of wisdom from Derrick:  let your lady use a vibe and "work smarter, not harder"!). You'll see Steven St. Croix plunge into anal on Jada without even spit for lube. You'll see Christian and Hillary Scott in a steamy, multi-orgasmic shower scene. You'll see Derrick Pierce have orgasms that are off the chart - a handjob from Hillary sends him into the sexual stratosphere. Too much information? Well, that's what makes Chemistry 3 a journey into some pretty wild and unknown territory. It's rare to see the face and body of the male performers in porn at "that moment", because the camera is nearly always on the girl for the "cum shot". Not so here. These are once in a lifetime scenes that won't ever happen again and can't ever be duplicated. There's a bumping of egos and desires between Derrick and Jada. She wants sex with him to be calm and smooth, instead of his trademark rough and hard. She says, "You have so much to give, calm, calm." But he pushes her into his Alpha male realm. Friction and sparks ensue. Derrick apologizes. She had wanted a "no choke" day, the softer, gentler side of him. Despite her protests, Jada seemed to be diggin what he was dishing out. "She'll flip", he says, knowing she'll give in to his rough sex demands.


Derrick Pierce and the hyperactive, always in overdrive Roxy Deville emerge as the strongest, most talkative personalities of the group, with veteran adult star Steven St. Croix (15 years in the business) wisecraking, fully showing off his wack and hilarious porno guy mentality mixed with a glimmer of sexy sadness as he talks about changes in the business, reveals that he hates people (i.e. those who approach him as if they know him from seeing his adult work). St. Croix is a puzzle. A poignant stud, (is that possible?), a brilliant and seemingly sensitive dude who sees the world through his own lens, using humor as a personal self-defense mechanism. Jada Fire really opens up, crying at one point, talking about how tough it is to be a Black female in the porn biz - moving and quite intense. Hillary Scott confesses to having a social anxiety disorder, was a lesbian all through high school and only feels freely herself on camera with a "cock up her ass". Her business card reads, "Professional Asswhore". She's soft spoken, yet genuine, with a body that looks too delicate to handle the kind of hard sex she gets. I found  Christian to be the quietest and most low key person in this production, but he makes clear his honest liking for and attraction to Jada, who he fucks in a clothes closet full of color-coded shirts! Hope the owner didn't mind! I could quote lots of insanely funny remarks from this flick, but I don't want to give it all away. You need to hear it for yourself.


Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the bonus "Women of Chemistry" and "Men of Chemistry" photo galleries with musical background included on Disc 2. I wasn't quite prepared for what I saw there. I was unexpectedly moved and touched. That's obviously not the usual reaction one gets from a porn feature. It's supposed to be all about the fucking and sucking, the SEX, right? But this production is so much more than that. The Women of Chemistry galleries were hot and beautiful, with each girl posing in a variety of ways suited to her individual personality. Hillary Scott looked creamy and lusciously innocent in hot pink panties and bra, and then totally nude shots, Roxy Deville rocked it out like the sexy badass she is and Jada's bootylicious poses will keep you strokin for years to cum with lots of steamy pics. Even better, the camera captured their inner beings, not just their outer bodies. And isn't that what really makes great "porn"? It is for me. The biggest surprise by far was the Men's Gallery. It was equally striking. For once, the men were showcased in a way I've rarely seen. As a female reviewer and consumer of adult material, one of my biggest complaints about the adult industry is the way the men are overlooked, even though they often make the scene work. So, my congratulations to Tristan Taormino for allowing the men their time to shine. The guys are fully dressed, so it isn't a superficial "hunks on parade" display. Like the women, their inner personalities are truly captured. Steven St. Croix's photos are intense, somewhat brooding and reveal his unique charm combined with a sensuously lonely air, which I found super hot! Derrick Pierce's photos blew me out the door - he is without a doubt the male supermodel of the adult world, if there is such a thing. Utterly striking poses, beyond sexy, blazing blue eyes, wistful and dramatic at the same time. In my opinion, a legend in the making. Christian's gallery, while not quite as stunning, were still nice, down to earth, jeans and T-shirt poses. Christian just being himself in a relaxed way without the porn trappings. No other reviewer has mentioned this bonus gallery of photos, so it's high time it gets some well-deserved recognition. I realize most viewers are guys and will focus on the women's galleries, but that doesn't change the fact that these men can make or break the scenes with their own special chemistry.


Have I left anything out? Are you kidding? This is 3 1/2 hours of action. So, yes, there's a ton of stuff I haven't mentioned. Many hilarious remarks (Steven St. Croix is the king of comedy here, extremely funny guy, which he's known for). Everyone here has something special to say and contribute and I found the video fairly equally divided among the six, which I'm sure wasn't easy to pull off. It really isn't possible to break down every scene in detail without writing a book. Besides, that wouldn't do this film justice, because it's far more than just another porn flick. However, since I know most people buy porn for the sex and not the philosophical insider remarks, (no matter how witty or profound), here's a brief highlight of the sex scenes from both discs. It isn't meant to fully describe what's here. You'll just have to get a copy and see it for yourself!



Roxy and Derrick - teasing, rough sex extended scene, he chokes her with her own bandana, she bites and slaps his cock, he cums on her stomach with intense orgasm.


Jada/Christian/Hillary - she rides him, Hillary joins in, he does her in mish, she rides him, Roxy on Perv Cam - this is a hot threeway scene.


Hillary and Christian - steamy shower scene, she strokes him while he kisses her. Jada on Perv Cam films while Hillary goes down on him in shower. He picks her up and she bounces on his cock. Very hot scene - freshly showered, fucking on the side of marble bathtub while Hillary plays with her clit, multiple orgasms for her. Deepthroating, reverse cowgirl, she licks up his cum. Wow!


Jada/Derrick/Roxy - Jada finds Derrick and Roxy fucking under the covers, (ya gotta see this to believe it), scene turns into a threeway, Derrick fucks Jada doggy while she's on top of Roxy.  He slams her hard. Derrick films himself fucking Roxy, POV style on Perv Cam.


Jada and Steven - kissing, making out, he sucks and kisses her breasts, BJ, deepthroat, with Steven pushing her head down, joking, "you are god's special child". He fucks her on her side, he eats Roxy's pussy while she holds the perv cam and again jokes, "Christmas came early". Jada squirts. Anal with no lube, intense cum from Jada. More mish with Steven/Jada, he has a HUGE cum shot which lands several feet away on the floor! This is without doubt the sexual highlight of the movie! Jada discusses her squirting.


End Disc One: Night at the house, with various castmembers cuddled up in various beds.  


Scenes as listed on the video:  Roundtable 1 and 2, Roxy/Derrick, Jada/Christian/Hillary, Hillary and Christian, Jada/Derrick/Roxy, and Jada and Steven.



Scenes: Good Morning - Pool scene - everyone wakes up after their 24 hours of sexual antics. They get in the warm spa where they all engage in some oral action, Derrick on Jada, Roxy on Steven.


Jada/Derrick - very hot scene, he rips her white top off, demands that she use her vibe which she does. She wants to see the "softer" side of Derrick. He bangs her hard, she gives him a BJ, he cums on her stomach with intense orgasm. He denies choking her as they snipe back and forth.


Roxy/Steven - he licks her clit while joking, lots of laughter, fun scene, she deepthroats him, he does her doggy and mish on a marble countertop. These two truly like and enjoy each other, get into it fully.








Christian/Hillary/Derrick/Roxy - fourway scene, lots of bodies doing lots of things! Pretty wild scene, although sometimes difficult to figure out what's going on and who's doing what to whom.  But still, very hot action. Jada on perv cam.


Hillary/Derrick - brief clip of Hillary giving Derrick a handjob that sends him into wild, uncontrollable spasms (this is a SUPER HOT scene, I'm surprised this one made it onto film!).


Jada/Christian - fucking in a clothes closet.  This is Christian's second cum, he's always ready to roll!


Final scene: All cast members together on the bed with Tristan Taormino for closing remarks,   while Steven is fucking Hillary Scott off to the side and cums on her tits! Someone says "that's why he's a legend".


Disc Two is divided into the following categories:


Positions Rooms: Pussy eating, mission, doggie, blow job, cum shot

Bonus Roundtable - indepth interviews and revelations

Bonus Confession

Chemical 4 Sneak Preview

Photo Gallery

Behind The Scenes Gallery

Bonus Perv Cam

Women of Chemistry 3 Gallery

Men Of Chemistry 3 Gallery


Vivid Video Products, Vivid on the Web, etc


My final appraisal: I'm not one to make porn into something it isn't, but when a production rises above the fray that makes a statement unlike any other, it deserves extra attention and praise. So, what's my advice? Get a copy of this two-disc set. It should have a place in your permanent collection. Where else can you see six amazing performers, all at different stages of their careers, willing to open up and just be themselves - their laughter, their tears, and yes, their blazing and vulnerable sex :-) Their Golden Age is here for you to see and it won't happen again.   You wouldn't want to miss that, would you? I didn't think so.


Chemistry 3, Winner of Best Gonzo, AVN 2007

Starring:  Hillary Scott, Jada Fire, Roxy Deville, Derrick Pierce, Steven St. Croix, and Christian

Directed by: Tristan Taormino

Available to download or buy here...

Chemistry 3 - Click to enlarge - Front

Chemistry 3 DVD front cover

Chemistry 3 - Click to enlarge - Back

Chemistry 3 DVD back cover

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